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September 20, 2013

Fathers Calling Fathers – Save Our Sons

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Fathers Calling Fathers – Save Our Sons

There are many responsibilities required of fathers
as they take hold of the mantle of being a father;
there are very little qualifications that are present
to provide guidelines to be a good father. There is
not a tell all book, there isn’t a Dummies book for
Fathers, there isn’t a technical manual for daddies
to study and there is not a state or national assessment
that has to be passed.

As Ronnie Cage (Jacksonville, Florida), a noted trainer
and consultant has passionately stated on numerous
occasions that fathers need mentors and training to
prepare them for the rigors and responsibilities of
being a father. It is important for young fathers to
be taught how to be dads.

Fatherhood is not a cultural, race or financial issue in
itself, it is a responsibility that a father makes, to be
the best parent his children will need in their journeys
to adulthood. Mr. Cage, stated at “Fathers Calling
Fathers”, “a real man takes care of his kids.”
This care comes no matter the financial situation a
father puts his children first over his needs. Fathers
cannot afford to turn their backs on any child, because
the consequences are literally life and death for children.

Since the writing of the Bible, Torah, the Quran and
other religious doctrine, a father’s responsibility has
been spelled out. To provide for his family, care for his
children and to educate, nurture, council, and lead their
children; the family comes before the father.

Young fathers are looking for answers to their duties
and responsibilities because too many struggle with
their roles, they struggle with the mothers of their
children that are too young themselves to be mature
and competent mothers and even grandmothers are
younger, still trying to look cute, glamorous and sassy
trying to get their life together.

The questions of a father’s role are personal challenges
that need to be talked about. The media presents a
dynamic model of fatherhood based on comedy, tragedy,
tradition and even religious conjecture. When a father
abandons his family the next generation becomes lost
with no guidance, generational curses begin to manifest
themselves and attack where the head of the family
use to be. The statistics of single parent homes,
growing economic poverty of children and homelessness
of women and children shows that the foundation of
communication is declining, fathers and men are not
doing their jobs. Evidence is seen in schools when male
children are hurting emotionally and psychologically,
they are “hard” with their actions and surrounding
themselves with a shell to shield themselves from
feelings of abandonment and neglect by the person that
helped create them and is supposed to be there to raise them.

The birth of a child is becoming equivalent to the
physiological and psychological passing of a bowel movement.
Too many fathers are neglecting their children and not
accepting the responsibility that once was filled with pride
and accountability. Being a father is a choice, a decision that
is based more on the actions of a man than on his verbal
commitment to make a promise to help raise a child. Statistical
data shows that too many fathers are abandoning their children.
The physical evidence is seen the classrooms of schools
where young children Black, White, Hispanic and other
cultures are angry at a world they are exploring to find their
individual ways. The process of discovery is complicated
because there is no father to help guide, mentor,
discipline and model for them.

“Fathers Calling Fathers” meeting provided by Save Our Sons
(Pastor John Guns of  St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church of
Jacksonville, Florida provided a platform for fathers of all
ages and generations to share wisdom, frustrations, hopes, dreams,
successes and most importantly developing and sharing solutions
for fathers that want to be better. The time for indecision,
excuses and anger directed towards society, the
entertainment industry, baby mama drama, and other
challenges are excuses and need to be stopped.
Solutions are important for the bond of a father and child,
simplistically “Iron Sharpens Iron” requiring the breaking of
generational curses. During the dynamic and at times emotional
discussion of fathers even the Supt. of Duval County Public
School, Dr. Vitti offered his ideas and opinions being a father,
Mayor Alvin Brown provided motivation and words of
encouragement. Solutions ranged but implementation is needed.

Fathers should learn it is OK to love and show love. Fathers
need to be leaders and proactive by taking their children with
them when they can during their daily traveling. Fathers should
keep God first and understand the importance of a strong
religious background based on Biblical teaching. Fathers need
to recognize their strengths and weaknesses to prepare them
for the challenges and temptations of the world. Fathers should
surround themselves with positive people, because they will
influence the parent and the child and fathers need to
be willing to sacrifice for their children.

It is hoped that the next Save Our Sons event further allows
young fathers to be counseled and mentored by fathers involved
with their children and the cycle stops of abandonment and
neglect. Save Our Sons is creating a paradigm shift with fathers,
building men that have role models, mentors and importantly
someone to listen to the frustrations, successes and
joys being a father.

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