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September 17, 2013

Niche Parent Conference 2013

William Jackson at Niche Conference

William Jackson at Niche Conference


Niche Parent Conference 2013

The Niche Parent conference
displayed the growing
intellectual influence and
cultural diversity that has
embraced not only the skill
sets of Blogging, but the
dynamic ability to create
content that is read,
interactively engaging
and blending multimedia

elements in the blending of various technologies.

“People of Color and People of Culture must get
involved in creating digital content to share the great
things that diversity brings to the United States of America.”
William Jackson, Educator and Blogger

Blogging defined as: the Art of writing, the ability to
tell a story. Blogging has grown from a hobby to a
business model and entrepreneurial entity that requires
Bloggers to be Content Creators and Multi-media Architects.
The Creation of Content is important to make a connection
and build a relationship with the readers and viewers.

Tools are diverse in the creating of inspirational and
motivational information that are imbedded in many Social
Media platforms: WordPress, Google +, Google Analytics,
Blogger, Twitter (Microblogging), Youtube, Photobucket,
Vine, Tumblr and the list continues to grow and
evolve. Social Media platforms are broadening in the
lives of people and groups that create content. Expanding
on the generational differences and cultural dynamics of our

One of the valuable lessons are Bloggers should no longer
Blog using traditional text, they must be able to interact with
their readers on an intellectual and even emotional level. Sharing
content and resources that keep the subscriber engaged and
thirsting for more information that empowers, excites and
educates. Relationship building is key to a successful blogging

This being my first Niche Parent Conference I was blessed
with being honored to attend through the efforts of Black
Bloggers Connect and Niche Parent Conference. The
opportunity of being engaged with the talents of passionate
Bloggers inspired me to expand my ability to tell a story,
to motivate and inspire through digital means. The Niche
Parent Social Media Conference, the #1 Conference celebrating
diversity among Mommy Bloggers, Daddy Bloggers and
Parenting Bloggers showed the diversity not just in gender,
but the cultural richness of Latino, African American,
Cubano, Haitian and Caribbean cultures.

Being the minority in the gender area I and my sister Dawn
were warmly greeted and accepted into the fold of Mommy
Bloggers who have taken Blogging to another level. The
presence of Daddy Bloggers shows there is a growing interest
in men to Blog about their lives, their children and the
everyday challenges of being a father, husband, mentor and
role model. Traditionally it is thought men do not Blog,
but this is far from the truth, men do Blog and are very good at it.

As an educator (Engineering and Technology) and father I try
to create content either by writing or Vlogging that is interesting
and even fun. The Daddy Bloggers present are a great example
of how men can be successful content creators and make money:
Jim Silver, Ben Floyd and Manny Ruiz spoke of the need for
Dads to share their experiences to strengthen families and share
a unique solidarity that all fathers have being responsible and
accountable as fathers and husbands.

Wm Jackson with Daddy Bloggers

Wm Jackson with Daddy Bloggers

Blogging is
not just an
pastime, or a
part time hobby,
it has grown to
being a business
that requires the
spirit of


entrepreneurialism. Having a business mind is required because
of the necessity of Marketing and Branding the Niche of the
Content Creator, the individual that has a vision for sharing
information. The Blogger creates content based on not what the
Blogger wants, but what the consumer needs. It is important
that the foundation of success is based on an agreement,
a relationship based on trust and respect.

Defining the skill sets of a Blogger has grown past the clinical
definition of a dictionary; it requires the precision of a Marketing
Plan. The plan must include a level of interactivity, there must be
sustainability, adaptability and respect that will keep readers and
viewers loyal to the Brand.

The Niche Parent Conference of 2014 is a dynamic experience
that opens doors of collaboration, cooperation and cultural
empowerment. The skills of intellectualism and innovation are
growing and expanding in the richness of multimedia content creation.
Sessions that were influential ranged from: Start-up Secrets & Tools
for the 21st Century Woman, Let’s Roadmap the Blog Route to
Success, Vlogging – Making it Practical, Fun & Professional and
even focusing on the physical aspects which is important. Discussed
through the use of Yoga: Energize your Blogger Body was well
received and attended as a movement adventure to continued good
physical health and mental peace. Even members of the Tom Joyner
Morning Show (Passion, Platform, Profit) with Nikki Woods,
CeCe Clark, Mary Boyce, Kim Grimes participated sharing their
experiences, incites and ideas as entrepreneurs and business leaders
in a competitive industry.

Blogging and Vlogging have quickly grown into a dynamic and fast
paced business. Content creators must be prepared to think of their
talents and skills as a potential business. The session: Stop Thinking
Like a Blogger and Start Thinking Like a Business! with Lamar Tyler
and his wife demonstrates that men and women have embraced their
passion for Blogging and Vlogging, taking it to another level, a level
that demands consistant attention in order to be successful.

The business side should be explored and expanded, allowing for
the opportunity to grow intomarkets that provide not just wealth,
but building relationships that educate, engage and endure.

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