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September 14, 2013

STOP Bullying Before The School Year Starts

No Bullying

No Bullying

STOP Bullying
Before the
School Year

The effort to Stop Bullying
has increased over the years
as more children, youth and teens
understand that they
have a right not to be bullied,
to feel safe in their schools,
communities, churches and homes.

Youth and teens are learning that
it is OK to notify their parents, teachers
and administrators at school that

they are being harassed, tormented and
embarrassed by other
students, Bullying is not fun, it is not a “rite of passage.”
Bullying is a violation of  Human Rights.

The stigma of snitching about Bullying is disappearing
because more parents are seeing from the attempted
suicides and suicides of a growing number of young
people that bullying is violating youth and teens
Human Rights, the rights to a life of happiness and
security. Teachers and administrators have learned that
they have an ethical and moral responsibility as educators
to take Bullying seriously because their involvement
may keep a young person from killing themselves.
No action by educators and administrators can
create an atmosphere of fear, helplessness and despair.

Youth like the 12-year-old Polk, Florida girl that committed
suicide, she was bullied online by more than a dozen girls.
Polk County investigators stated the girl was despondent
after hate messages about her where posted online.
Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd stated that the
young  lady, “was absolutely terrorized on Social Media.”

The threats and harassment on Social Media platforms,
Cyberbullying is increasing that the CDC refers
to it as “Electronic Aggression.”
There are too many youth that feel scared at school,
freighted because they feel alone and helpless, “Electronic
Aggression” is a terrorist act that is creating terror, fear,
and even contributes to PTSS/D
Post Traumatic Stress  Syndrome or Disorder

There maybe conflicting statistics and data may not
show the exact numbers, Bullying, Cyberbullying,
Harassment and Teasing are real issues that should be
and need to be addressed because youth are dying.
The Center for Disease Control has shown data that
Bullying and Suicide are beyond frightening for youth.
Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young
people resulting in 4,400 deaths per year according to
CDC data and numbers are increasing.

Efforts such as anonymous reporting of Bullying is
provided by school districts, access to Social Media to
report Bullying is available, in public schools there is a
phone number that parents and students can use to
report suspected and potential Bullying and remain

New laws have been passed that address physical and
Cyber-bullying in an effort to protect students at school
and home.
Cyberbullying/Cyberstalking is now a felony if a person
is found to guilty and convicted of these actions.
Community cooperation and collaboration has created
partnerships, strengthened the bonds between community
organizations and schools. Even religious organizations are
vested in teaching and preaching about the dangers of Bullying
and Cyberbullying.

 Human Rights

Human Rights

The LGBT community has
experienced Bullying actions
individually and collectively
in their communities,
those in our LGBT
community are contributing
and proud citizens of cities
across this nation.

No one should be exposed to,
endangered with and threatened

by any type or method of Bullying that degrades and demeans a person
and violates their human and civil rights.

As a parent, educator, blogger and speaker on Bullying
and Cyberbullying I encourage all
communities to support STOP Bullying Now.

So serious is this issue, churches are having conferences,
lectures, workshops and seminars so youth, teens, and
young adults understand the prevention, consequences
and legal issues that can result.

I’m proud to be speaking at the Lectureship to over
500 youth and teens about the seriousness of
Bullying, Harassment, Violence,  and Threatening
behaviors that have transitioned to #SociaMedia

Churches are even involved like the Churches of Christ

Southeastern Lectureship of the
Churches of Christ.

Need a Bullying Presentation – Check out my past speaking engagements.

Resources on Bullying and Cyberbullying
a. Bullying Will Not Destroy Me
b. Florida Department of Education
c. Stop Bullying
d. Bullying Laws In Florida
e. Deaths from Bullying
f. No Super Heroes for Bullies
g. Bullying An Explanation

#Bullying   #Cyberbullying
peak to a school representative; Teachers, Administrators or
Guidance Counselors, they are there to help.

Wm Jackson, Speaker and Presenter

Wm Jackson, Speaker and Presenter

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