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August 2, 2013

The Building Blocks of STEAMing

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The Building Blocks of STEAMing Students for Success

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics)
is becoming the word of educational archetypes. The
excitement of scientific exploration, technological
advancements, engineering transformations, incorporation
of arts and mathematical expansion are elements of careers
that demand skills influencing the abilities of
youth today.

STEAM brings a new dimension to careers in this century
and beyond. The vast possibilities extends to the concepts
and questions if students, particularly Black students
had proficient skills in STEAM would school districts
in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit and more be closing
schools at an alarming rate. If Black students and Black
parents in these districts and schools across the country
could understand the empowerment of STEAM careers would
they continue to fail?

Carter G. Woodson has stated in many of his writings
that too many Blacks seem to be brain-washed in acceptance
of the inferior role assigned to them by another race.
Those individuals that are successes should be celebrated
to rock star or rapper status, but they are not.
If a Black youth scores perfect on the SAT they should
be celebrated,if a Black youth can make a mobile App they
should be celebrated,if a Black youth can graduate college
with a degree at a early age they should be celebrated
and held up as an example. These accomplishments are
placed near the backs of weekly newspapers,
magazines and tabloids. DuBois has stated that Blacks
should study intelligently, from their own point of
views and about present economic developments in science,
medicine, intellectual pursuits.

Black youth must be engaged from elementary schools
to high schools, charged with skills that allow for
critical thinking and higher order thinking abilities.
Black parents must understand they need to support their
children from Pre-K to graduating seniors in high school
making certain their children are prepared for STEAM
careers of the 21st century and not enslaved in service
oriented and part-time jobs barely making a living.
Yes, I said enslaved, if you do not provide a man or
woman the tools to climb out of poverty you are enslaving
them to continued poverty.

How many Blacks have the skills to work in the new
technology companies coming to the south? North Carolina,
South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama are at war
again. This battle is still a civil war, a war for jobs,
careers, economic prosperity. Instead of guns and cannon
as weapons now it is laptops, Tablets, Internet,
use of technological proficiency tools like Widows or
Apple platform and associated software. The slave trade is
still a factor for Blacks. The options are if you do not
have an education you are relegated to service jobs of
low income, living in low socio-economic housing, exposed
to society lower standard housing and sharing continuous
battle to be respected, heard and appreciated by society.
Welfare takes away a woman’s strongest reason for working,
progress for their children and a strong family.

Becoming actively engaged in the elements of STEAM that
promote life-long learning, professional economic growth,
cultural representation as progressive and of value to
society. Competition abounds globally, Black youth will
find that in order to obtain the possessions and status
they dream of educational obtainment is the priority,
being qualified and of high quality are important keys
for both males and females.

Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics are the
keys to being of value and being valuable to society.
W.E.B. Du Bois quoted about education, “The main thing
is the YOU beneath the clothes and skin the ability to
do, the will to conquer, the determination to understand
and know this great, wonderful, curious world.”
Black youth mentality should be reinforced with the
knowledge that intellectuals are still a priority for
all Black communities across the nation.

Parents should realize that an investment comes in
books, educational DVD’s, library cards and access
to individuals in the community that are engaged in
technology initiatives that build 21st century skills.
Investments are not in the purchasing of the highest
price shoes that only last for several months,
investments do not come in natural or processed
hair weave that will be changed when a girl
or woman’s hair begins to look ratchet and weak.
Investments do not come in the shortest skirt,
investments do not come in the tightest shirt,
investments do not come in how low your pants
sag or how many babies you can make.

Investments come in visits to the library, building
culture and ethnic pride when visiting museums,
parents and children as a family unit attending school
Open House and School Board meetings. Parents investing
in college funds,family trips to family reunions to
learn from the elders before they pass on to the next
life. Will it take a civil war within the Black
community for millions of Blacks to understand that
education is the key to being able to compete, that
unity is the only cure for our own community problems
and issues within our homes? Change should not come
from a revolution it should be a revelation and
changing of appetites.

The reality that too many are missing the learning from
classrooms of the future; now have students watching
lessons online, digital interactions, and multimedia
presentations presented by students to students. Teachers
becoming facilitators of learning and allowing students to
learn at their levels through their diverse learning styles.

Listen to how technology is being used to educate and
parents need to be involved.

A new school year is approaching, how will parents empower
their children with the tools needed not to just look cute
and impress by clothes, shoes and style, but to impress by successfully learning and applying skills that will help
them to be involved in careers with 21st century skills


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