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July 12, 2013

STEAMS and Educational Growth in Children

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STEAMS and Educational Growth in Children
This is part of a multiple STEAM blog series,
providing information and resources for and about STEAM.
The involvement of STEAMS Science Technology
Engineering Arts Mathematics Sports by students
in Team Up can be seen in the development of
projects that show the importance of hands-on
learning that is interactive and educationally
Promotion of critical thinking and higher order
thinking skills is still important during summer
months where data shows that students can
loose up to 40% of learning during summer break.
The involvement of students in Team Up programs
assists in diminishing learning losses during summer

Learning losses is a discussion on the Blog Talk Radio
show Courageous Conversations – Ask A Teacher
Hosted by Hafeeza B. Majeed; where educational
discussions on various subjects are participated in
by professional educators, administrators, parents
and even students. The lack of learning during
summer break has an effect on learning successes
during the regular school year.

Each new school year teachers spend valuable time
conducting remediation to get students back up to
the learning levels previous to summer break, the
participation of Team Up programs during the
school year is an important educational
supplement that allows for learning activities to
build foundations for cognitive growth.
As a Engineering/Technology teacher at Andrew
Robinson Elementary and a Team Up academic
teacher during the regular school year and during
the summer months as the Engineering/Technology
teacher it is vital that parents know how beneficial
Team Up is to the educational and social progress
for the students being served.

The benefits of summer Team Up programs are seen
in the Team Up program at Andrew Robinson Elementary,
a Title One and Magnet School whose theme is STEAM.
Additional schools in DCPS also host Team Up programs.
Integrating Engineering, Technology and Science at
Andrew Robinson in student activities to build on the
previous knowledge gained during the school year.
The building of a knowledge base will support the
cognitive growth that will benefit students when
the new school year arrives.

Field trip to the University of North Florida and the
participation of students in Engineering competitions
helps to bring vision to students about future careers,
educational opportunities and personal responsibility
for lifelong learning. The collaboration and cooperation of
schools, Team Up (The Bridge of Northeast Florida) and
community entities like Mentoring Families and Kids,
the National Society of Black Engineers help to provide
opportunities like the First Coast Youth STEM Conference,
held annually at the University of North Florida.
The First Coast Youth STEM Conference helps to expose
minority students to the concepts and fundamentals associated
with the fields of STEAM.

This new school year at many schools not just in Duval
County, but across the nation will see a change
in the instructional models as additional elements of STEAM
are incorporated into the learning curriculum. Parental
involvement is critical. Parents must understand the future
implications in employment, higher education, access to
resources that encourage community engagement and
a higher level of interaction and educational attainment
for students.

This is part of a multiple STEAM blog. Providing information
and resources for and about STEAM.

The Bridge of Northeast Florida

National Association of Black Engineers

Facilitating Learning

Facilitating Learning


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