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June 26, 2013

Man Up for Health Summit

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William Jackson, Speaker

William Jackson, Speaker

Man Up for Health Summit

Healthy Jacksonville Men’s Health Coalition, Inc.

The 2013 Man Up for Health Summit offered
several hundred youth, teens and young men
opportunities to attend workshops specifically
focused to their health needs and concerns.
Held each year, the attendance grows as men
understand the importance of being consistant
about their health and making healthy choices.

The Healthy Jacksonville Men’s Health Coalition, Inc.
provides this community services along with other
community agencies and organizations to help men
understand that they must take responsibility for
their health, make decisions that will influence their
health in the future and how it also affects their
family and responsibility as a provider either financially,
family leader, parent, and financial supporter to
the family.

Health issues are one of the major influencing
issues that affect the financial stability of families.
The fluctuation of health care costs, hospital treatment
costs, and physician costs, rising health insurance and
new technologies that are increasingly effective in
diagnosing issues, but in many cases are expensive.
Men need to take proactive actions in prevention
and early diagnosis concerning their health.

Even though the Man Up for Health Summit focused
on men, there were sessions for young and maturing
women. Several physicians such as Dr. Dori Russ
@DoriRussMDEsq Twitter provided presentations
with a focus on influencing health at the moment.

Dr. Russ’s session on Personal Hygiene shared with the
young men and women the importance of daily bathing,
properly using deodorant, brushing teeth, why scheduled
visits to the dentist and doctor are important.
Many areas that were covered are issues that parents
try to teach their children as they mature, Dr. Russ put
a spin on why these should be performed and the
potential physical, social and emotional
consequences if they are not done in a timely manner.

The issue of Social Media was presented by William Jackson,
educator with DCPS, speaking on Bullying/Cyberbullying
and Marketing and Branding Yourself with Social Media tools.
Mr. Jackson presented information about the influence of Social
Media, how a student’s use of SM can influence their ability
to earn Internships, scholarships, grants and Fellowships to
higher education.
Mr. Jackson previously has spoken at the national Hip Hop
Men’s Health Summit in Orlando, Florida; AME Church Youth
Leadership Summit and can be heard on “Courageous Conversations
about Education” Ask A Teacher on BlogTalkRadio under
the same name.

Many issues are relevant to the health of thousands of men in
Jacksonville. Men’s’ health cannot be categorized by color,
culture, neighborhood, zip code and other demographics. Across
the board men are faced with important health issues as they
age and mature. These issues must be faced to help extend and
enhance the lives of men that support, nurture and strengthen
their respective families.

The Man Up for Health Summit provided free testing in many
health related areas that the savings in cost is well into the
thousands for the men attending. Each year more men should
attend to be tested for various health concerns that take
thousands of men away from their families, children and friends
because they waited to late or did not get tested or treated
in a timely manner.

It is time for All men to Man Up and get tested if not for them,
then for their families that will still be here if they are taken by a disease or health issue that could have been treated, prevented and cured.

Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Resource for Educational Discussion:
A Guide for Parents to STEAM Your Children This Summer
“Courageous Conversations About Education”
‘Ask A Teacher,’ Sunday, June 30, 2013, 7pm, CST.
(501) 707-0312 OR (206) 402-0100 ; Guest pin code: 119398#

Title and Topic for Discussion
A Guide for Parents to STEAM Your Children This Summer

Summer vacations have slowly changed from completely
forgetting about school and learning to preparation by parents,
students, educators and school districts for a new school year.
Each year educational policies, guidelines, benchmarks and
assessments are being modified, changed and adapted.
Parenting is a balance of family time, social interaction and
increasingly parental involvement in their children’s education.
Parents need to understand and apply STEAM
Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics to summer

The discussion of:
A Guide for Parents to STEAM Your Children This Summer
with resources to make this summer fun, relaxing and still


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