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June 14, 2013

Social Media Professional Development for Youth and Teens

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Social Media Professional Development

Social Media Professional Development

Social Media Professional Development for Youth and Teens

Professional development is essential to learn new skills,
new policies and procedures for a profession. Youth and
teens also need professional development to keep them
knowledgeable in diverse areas of instruction. To build a
teen’s knowledge base, skill sets and critical thinking skills
it is important that youth and teens are provided
professional development either through schools,
churches or community organizations.

The South District Church School Convention of
AME Churches held its annual convention for youth
that focused on professional development for youth
from various AME churches. This convention was held in
Palm Coast Florida this year, a central location for
churches from Jacksonville, Florida and throughout
the state.
One of the workshops for youth and teens was Social
Media. Conducted by William Jackson an educator with
Duval County Public Schools whom is also a Social Media
consultant, Blogger, speaker on Social Media platforms
and Bullying/Cyberbullying presenter.

One of the challenges for creating effective professional
development for teens is to promote positive youth
development and plan quality experiences with young people.
The most effective way for students to acquire concepts is
to have interactive trainings that require youth and teens to
take a active role in learning. The instruction cannot
be totally in a lecture format. Youth and teens must
have an interactive experience so learning is covered in as
many learning modalities as possible. Integrating video and
lecture encourages participation on a large scale.

Lem’mon Wright of the South District Convention scheduled
several hundred youth to participate in the Social Media
presentation that used Youtube videos, open dialogue,
role playing, question and answer sessions arranged by
the presenter/instructor William Jackson.

These strategies allow students to learn and teach each other
about the positive uses and negative consequences of Social
Media participation. A key element discussed was Marketing
and Branding oneself for future careers, Internships and
potential scholarships. How to properly Brand each other as
a expert or knowledgeable in a particular area. Students talked
about future careers and the need even in middle and high school
to Brand themselves and Network in the areas they have a serious
interest. This allows for youth even in middle and high school to
connect with mentors, role models and have a resource for
motivation to perform well in school.

A quote that can be applied to professional development for
youth and teens states, “Although community programs should
address the serious concerns of today’s young people, they should
also respond to adolescents’ desire for fun and friends.”
A Matter of Time, p. 79. Social Media is integrated into millions
of youth and teens life. They need to be trained on the proper uses
and positive creation of content.

The development of Social Media teen leaders for schools and even
churches is important. The leaders serve as role models, mentors and
inspire growth in multiple areas, not just in academics but, also in
Social Media accountability and responsibility. There should be
additional avenues for professional development that expose youth
and teens to grow beyond their current levels. The partnerships between schools, organizations and churches should be strengthened because of their similar course to educate and Bless youth, teens and young adults.


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