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June 5, 2013

A Child’s Eyes At Graduation

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The Eyes of Graduates

The Eyes of Graduates

A Child’s Eyes At Graduation
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Andrew Robinson Elementary School

The graduating class of 2013 shared with family and friends
a time of wonderment, excitement, astonishment, fun and pride.
The attending families shared in the accomplishments of the
graduating fifth graders from Andrew Robinson Elementary
School. Looking into the eyes of these youth, seen is the
excitement and anticipation of what the evening will present.

The multipurpose room of this Magnet School that is one of
the first STEAM schools – Science Technology Engineering
Arts Mathematics was filled with emotional electricity as
the students presented various talents and abilities
that represented part of their accomplishments in earning
their matriculation to middle school and continued
academic achievements.

The graduating fifth graders are empowered with the best
possible teaching that will carry them to their ultimate
goals of graduating from high school. The students are
prepared for the rigors and challenges of middle school
and onward to earning the accomplishment of a high
school diploma.

The ceremony was MC’d by Jeremiah Burton and Angelica
Leach fifth grade students that show leadership and
academic success.
Leaders and role models of success, accomplishment and
maturity. The graduation ceremony contained talents
ranging from poetry, song, oratory ability and even
incorporated multiple awards that highlighted the academic
and social growth and maturity of the students. The
audience of parents, family members and friends were
treated to a level of scholarly excellence that shows
the empowerment of education.

The honored speaker Mr. Julian Davenport, Director of
Elementary Data and Assessment of Duval County Public
School reflected on his past academic journey correlating
to the journey many of the students graduating may
experience. Mr. Davenport shared the value of education
and its ability to make powerful students skills and
take students anywhere their imagination will take them.
The theme of Andrew Robinson is “College Preparation”
this easily tied into the depth and purpose of
Mr. Davenports sharing of how students should have the
desire to obtain a college education. To fulfill their
dreams and empower their talents and abilities, not
allowing the lack of education to keep them from
their goals and aspirations in life.

At the conclusion of the ceremony two students
received the highest awards presented by Principal
Crystal Lewis: Jaiden Session and Donovan Randall
received the Principal’s award for their academic
accomplishment as well as their consistant respect
towards teachers, staff and their peers.

The conclusion of the ceremony invited all to
refreshments and pictures.

Fifth Grade Graduates Success

Fifth Grade Graduates Success


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