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June 4, 2013

Jacksonville Urban League Empowerment Summit

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JUL Summit

Wm Jackson with students from JUL Summit

Jacksonville Urban League
Empowerment Summit

JUL Empowering Youth to Success
“In order to empower each generation
you must use those that are empowered.”
William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach

The challenges facing teens and youth in society are
so strong that many youth and teens are inwardly
crying for empowering words. They are seeking someone
that can guide them, encourage them, empower them
and establish a consistant relationship based on
respect and caring. Many youth and teens
feel powerless to change their current circumstances
whether it is economic, social, or educational.

Teens are influenced by empowerment manifested through
the testimony of others. Words cannot only empower they
can uplift and create transformational paradigm shifts
that cause youth and teens to reflect on their lives
and change the direction of their lives.

Influencing their choices and decisions for success and
growth as they mature and face adult and real challenges.

Jacksonville Urban League Empowerment week invited students
from Duval County Public Schools to an event of “Empowerment.”
The week long event centered on education, economic empowerment,
employment and training and entrepreneurship.
Attended by Lighthouse Christian Academy and A. Phillip Randolph
students represented their respective schools and Duval County
Public Schools.
Students received more than just empowering words, they received
encouragement, inspiration, guidance and even in a spiritual sense
Blessings of knowledge. Speakers were community representatives
from businesses like Wal-Mart, Law Enforcement (JSO), Finance
and Entrepreneurialism resources.
Representatives from JSO shared with the students that involvement
of the Juvenile Justice system can ruin a youth and teens life. Influencing educational opportunities, career choices, housing selection and even entrance into military service, all are influenced by choices from actions past and current.

Three professional men of the Jacksonville community who are role
models, leaders in their respective areas of expertise and mentors,
shared their experiences and knowledge with the over 100 youth in
William Jackson – Educator, Blogger and Social Media consultant
Octavious Holliday – Attorney, 100 Black Men of Jacksonville and
Anthony Butler, Sr. – E3 Business Group, Accuse Yourself of Success,
So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur.

Each respected and involved with youth in community, these men
have served on committees, Boards and summits that contribute to
the growth and development of youth and teens, especially Black youth.

The event for the JUL is just one of many that share powerful
words of encouragement, engaging presentations, reflection
of past growth opportunities and future successes.

Talking to these youth and teens on a personal level allows
those in attendance to engage youth and teens in open and
honest discussion. The dialogue at this level of involvement promotes change psychologically and emotionally.
Mr. Jackson, Mr. Holliday and Mr. Butler consistently and passionately through their professional and personal actions
show that involved men can make a difference in their
communities and the the lives of children, youth and teens.
All three being fathers understand the importance of a
#BlackFathers participation in the growth of children and strengthening of the community.

The Empowerment Summit was organized by Sandra Parker,
Linnie Finley, Ronnie Kohn and Lendell Yarn of the
Jacksonville Urban League and the Ritz Theatre where the
event was hosted.

The youth and teens that were present anointed with knowledge
and wisdom shared that youth and teens are held accountable
and responsible for their actions. They are only limited
by their imaginations in educational success, career
aspirations and professional personal accomplishments.

The key to success is obtaining as much education
as possible, building self confidence, having high
personal expectations and personal self value.

Wm Jackson and Anthony Butler

Wm Jackson and Anthony Butler

Jacksonville Urban League Leadership Summit
Social Media Presentation

Jacksonville Urban League


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