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May 21, 2013

Support Learn2Earn Experience by Mayor Alvin Brown

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Learn2Earn Experience

Learn2Earn Experience

Support Learn2Earn Experience by Mayor Alvin Brown

Calling on all Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts,
Pastors, Priests, Bishops and other religious leaders,
young professionals, seasoned business leaders and Prayer
Warriors your HELP is needed.

Governor Scott, vetoed monies for this summer’s Learn2Earn
Experience here in Jacksonville, Florida. As a parent and educator
for this great program we need support to let Gov. Scott know
with monies.

Learn2Earn Experience is designed to help potential first
generation college students gain the experience of attending
college and encouraging students with the experience of staying
on a college campus for a week during the summer. Involved
are the University of North Florida, Edward Waters College,
Jacksonville University and University of Florida.

Learn2Earn Experience

Learn2Earn Experience

How can Gov. Scott deny your youth this unique opportunity to
experience a college environment? Even youth with disabilities
that are trying to overcome the stereotypes and critics of
students with disabilities.
The Learn2Earn Experience: To encourage and inspire
youth that may be the first in their families to go to college.
This is not a Black, Hispanic, Latino, Haitian, Asian or White
program it is a unique educational program that embraces our
community, the students of the Duval County Public Schools.
Community support is needed and a strong effort to get funding
for this program.

There are millions of dollar in the Juvenile Justice system to
incarcerate youth, but not enough money to support educating
Why and importantly how can Gov. Scott not support this
program? After attending the Save Our Sons Summit this is
exactly what the Jacksonville, Florida community should
support. As Pastor Guns stated, “More should and can be done.”
Now is the opportunity for more to be done. More programs
that encourage higher educational opportunities. More programs
that lead youth away from crime and towards educational
opportunities. Now it the time for churches to show their
priorities in helping youth obtain more educational opportunities.
Contact the Mayors Office to see how your church or ministry
can support our youth.



Contact the Governor’s Office and your state representatives in
Tallahassee, ask if they want an educated workforce for
Jacksonville and the State of Florida. The better educated our
youth are the better they can help ALL of Jacksonville grow
and become 21st century leaders and advocates for business,
finance, social and educational strength.

It seems education is always attacked and excuses made to help
better our youth. Learn2Earn Experience is growing to a national
model to help youth get to college, but it seems Tallahassee has
other ideas again for the educational opportunities for the youth
here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Mayor Brown cannot do it himself he needs community help to
send a message to the Governor to support our children that are the
Sparks of growth and future professionals for Jacksonville, and the
State of Florida.

William Jackson, Learn2Earn Instructor

Mayor Alvin Brown Speaking to L2E Students

Pictures from 2012 Learn2Earn Experience at UNF
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Day One –

Day One and Two –

Day Two and Three –

Mayor Brown’s presentation from the Save Our Sons Summit
Part One –

Part Two –

Discussion is the key to understanding and growth for youth and teens.

Discussion is the key to understanding and growth for youth and teens.


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