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May 16, 2013

May Is Black Blogger Month

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Wm Jackson Blogger

Wm Jackson Blogger

May Is Black Blogger Month
Wm Jackson, M.Ed.

The month of May has been christened Black Blogger
Month to celebrate the dynamic abilities of Black Bloggers
and Bloggers of Color. Representative of the importance
of sharing content that engages, excites, inspires and
importantly teaches creating content that is positive,
progressive and diverse.

History of Blogging
The history of Blogging can be traced back to the
emergence of blogs in the late 1990s,as technology
grew so did blogging in its outreach and popularity.
Web publishing tools allowed for the expansion
of the writers ability to post content. The history of
Black Blogging can be traced over a few years from
2004 to the present.
The perception is, writing is not seen as a passion that
Blacks would engage in by the general white literary
society, this perception is totally incorrect with the
vast interests of Blacks in many facets of technology,
Social Media, fashion, relationships, natural hair,
parenting, fatherhood and the list continues to grow.
As with any successful venture when Blacks started to
excel in Blogging, non-Blacks tried to replicate these
successes by imitating, copying and even trying to
hire Bloggers that could duplicate Black Blogging
styles without hiring Black Bloggers.

Transpiring Skill
Blogging is a natural transpiring skill, even before
the advent of technology, looking at the writing history
of Blacks all that needs to be done is to mention the
names of Dunbar, Wright, Johnson, Ellison, Haley, Balwin.
Names respected in the literary field for
Lets’ not forget nor dishonor the names of sister writers
that paved the way for female Bloggers of today:
Giovanni, Walker, Hansberry, Angelou, Brooks, Morrison
and Hurston.

These are names of men and women of writing
prominence, there are more. In their own ways they
are iconic and literary geniuses throughout time and
global influence. Their writing essence can be found
on Blog sites in text and through video. Continuing
to influence future generations of Bloggers, allowing
for growth and maturity and an new generation to be
take the lead.

My Motivation
My own Blogging did not start until 2006, a young
lady making the comment to me in my Educational
Technology class at a local HBCU, that there were no
intelligent and progressive Black men. This made me
angry because I knew my intelligence, engagement
in my community, my school where I teach technology,
involved in my church and my involvement with my
children as a caring and supportive father.
These elements are important because they define me
to the world. They show my willingness to be engaged
in events in my world, the level of my humanity, what
influences my Blogging. Life experiences and life’s
relationships define our perception and reaction to
the world. Black Bloggers are important because of
their “Voice” in the world, thus for me “My Quest To
Teach” was born

Blogging and Social Media platforms allow writers to
connect with people of like mindset. The traditional writing/
blogging, to the developing micro-blogging of Twitter and
its 140 character limitations now integrating several seconds
of video through Apps, the use of audio podcasts and the
growing video podcasts that are being used to Market and
Brand people not just businesses. The use of YouTube and
Vimeo video platforms that allow anyone to be directors,
producers, actors, news anchors. The limits are only limited
by the imagination for Blacks in creating content.
Additionally, Blogging has transitioned to the realm of Blog
Talk Radio where thousands of channels are available to
digest, dialogue, diagnose, and dissect issues important to
Blacks that traditional media refuse to cover or only with
negative content.

Blogging has gone ballistic in the past few years because of
the passion Blacks have in their abilities, talents, and shedding
of their fear of using technology to express their passions.
The growth of developed online communities that allow Blacks
to share content, to release their passions through digital text
and with advancements of the web now text has transformed.
Transformations to multimedia elements that provide almost an
emotional and religious relationship. Black Bloggers bring several
dynamics to Blogging, one of them is passion, this passion
brings an emotional connection. Because Blacks are people of
emotion, passion, zeal and enthusiasm.

If you performed a Google search on “What is a Black Blogger?”
the search results would bring forth sites specifically for Bloggers
of Color. Eager to share their ideologies, the passion for life and
living, experiences with children, families, husbands, wives, the
dynamic and sometimes complicated relationships that we are
involved in. Blogging allows “Blacks to tell their story” and
“create their own Scandals.”
Listening to the great Nigerian writer and story teller Chinua
Achebe, he states that “no one can tell your story better than you can.”
An Evening with Chinua Achebe (Youtube) Library of Congress 2009.

Spreading the Word
The sharing of knowledge and wisdom comes in many forms, when
Blacks unite, collaborate, coordinate it is now outside of the church
house, school house, barbershop, and hairsalon. Black Bloggers are
now leading Meetups, Conferences, Workshops and online sites for
Bloggers of Color.
Growth in a talent is not active alone it takes the sharing of ideas,
creating the atmosphere of learning, creativity, innovation and unity.
May is an awareness month to the diversity of Black Bloggers and
Bloggers of Color. United in multiple digital environments that
transverse the World Wide Web, Blogosphere, Internet, WWW3 or
other terminology that seems relevant to Social Media platforms
that Black Bloggers can Bless with their content.

A New Era
This is the beginning of a new era in Black communication and
the power of Social Media. Just as the poem “Still I Rise” by
Maya Angelou. Black Bloggers rise from the darkness of
traditional media, creating content that represents the struggles,
challenges, successes, victories, and achievements of Blacks.
No media run by any other culture can share the passion and heart
of Blacks and People of Color than Black Bloggers. Their value and
importance is immeasurable.


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