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May 10, 2013

Bullying Will Not Destroy Me

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Bullying Will Not Destroy Me
William Jackson, M.Ed.
My Quest To Teach
“I Will Survive Bullying” Presentation

Since the issue of bullying with Paris Cannon (Jacksonville, Florida) being typed as a “serial bully” and accused of “repeat violence.”
Bullying is taking on a new meaning and creating a change in the
perceived safety of students in schools. The understanding of
bullying is in question as students perceive it one way and society
perceives it another. Bullying should not be given just a clinical
dissection, but the emotional damage and long term emotional and
psychological perceptions should be viewed.

Kids are being Bullied as can be seen in recent stories :
Your Daughter Could Be A Bully

The Bullies think they are in the right and justified in their actions as seen in this story.

Race and gender make no distinction when bullying is discussed.
The issues maybe the intensity and the methods. Boys are more prone
to physical altercations and Social Media while girls are
involved in emotional, psychological harassment and Social Media as well.
Bullying is affecting learning in schools and the perception of safety.
Students communicate in more aggressive manners using digital tools and on Social Media platforms. The media has addressed Bullying featured information from around the country talking with students, parents and educators about taking a proactive approach towards bullying. The White House through President and Mrs. Obama have hosted Bullying Prevention efforts seeing how serious this problem has grown on a national level.

The efforts of school districts to address violence and bullying is not just combated by detentions, suspensions or incarcerations. Schools should work to prevent these behaviors concerning bullying (cyberbullying) and even Sexting. It takes the total involvement of the complete school family.
The public perception is that violence is increasing across the country in schools that are supposed to be “Save Zones.” Student’s safety is slowly being taken away, but there is total disagreement to the cure or preventive measures. Legislation will not do it, Presidential mandates will not accomplish anything. The ultimate proactive cure is for parents to works with teachers and
administrators in the schools. Parents need to be held accountable, responsible and provided reliable help.

Survey of student’s by the National School Safety Center in grades 6-12, 79% stated violence was caused by “stupid things like bumping into someone,” other causes included: boyfriend-girlfriend disputes, racism, and gangs. Bullying is mostly caused by jealousy and factors related to a student’s home life. Home life influences bullying showing can begin as early as Preschool in:
The Facts About Bullying, 1997.
The mental and emotional trauma of being bullied is an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness that can lead to depression, thoughts of suicide, bodily harm (cutting), drug abuse and other harmful actions that distract from learning.
Bullying cannot be solved by teachers in the classroom, administrators in offices and police in schools. Bullying needs to involve the families of schools to make the statement that it will not be tolerated at the school by anyone. Students must make the mental and emotional commitment that “Bullying Will Not Destroy Me”
and parents need to be proactive and observant of behaviors.

Training students in skills that build self esteem, self value and nurturing mental and emotional strength of will. Building students up to believe in themselves and their abilities is important to a student’s self esteem and how they perceive the world and value themselves. Parents are learning the unfortunate truth that students
will not always tell their parents what is going on in school because of pride and peer pressure. No matter how strong a parent feels their relationship is with their child it is not as strong or secure as they think. Parents understand your children; when I
presented at the Boys2Men Symposium and Keystone Leadership Conference for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, speaking about bullying/cyberbullying many of the young men claimed that they did not want to be seen as “soft” or “green” if they reported Bullying. Girls stated they did not want to “lose face” or seem “weak”
in front of their friends.

“Bullying Will Not Destroy Me” is a mental strength that youth and teens must develop in themselves. Students in our schools must know that there is someone that will listen and take action on their part. Parents keep talking to your children/teens every day and be involved in their growth and development.
It takes a village to raise and teach children, parents, teachers, administrators, clergy and law enforcement working together for the safety of all students at schools must begin to talk to students, not just set policies that punish. The need for understanding
WHY bullying is happening, empathy for bullies through engagement and dialogue creates more opportunities to talk and understand how to change the mindset and actions of Bullying. Show that continue dialogue, mentoring, education and even exposure to professional individuals and groups that are a success in their fields of
study show that a strong mind and will are important to success.

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