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April 29, 2013

Courageous Conversation about Technology and Social Media

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Courageous Conversation about Technology and Social Media

The topics of Technology and Social Media can never
become boring or unimportant. Integrating technology
into school wide curriculum’s has been seen as a
blessing and a challenge for administrators, teachers
and IT professionals.

The immersion of STEAM Science Technology Engineering
Arts Mathematics takes education into a 21st century
paradigm shift of digital engagement, digital content
and multimedia interaction.

Students love the opportunity to be engaged in multi-
media games that challenge critical thinking skills
and demand higher order cognitive skills to solve
challenges. The special effects of virtual worlds
created by programmers, artists, graphic designers to
dazzle the senses and take the brain on a whirlwind
ride of discovery, creativity and even learning.

Technology and Social Media has enabled the connection
between millions of people through Social Media
applications just 5 to 7 years ago were not even available.
Facebook – Twitter – Instagram, Vine, Youtube – Google +
Pinterest – Vimeo and the list grows.
No one imaged what Angry Birds was except if it slammed
against a window or attacked people in the park. The
creation of interactive games challenges the mind,
but also brings about emotional changes as well. Words
with Friends a multimedia extension of scrabble and
the favorites Hearts and Solitaire are still loved by

21st century expansion and invasion of technology is
as Mr. Smith on “The Matrix” would say “It is Inevitable”
the growing influence technology has on our lives.

There is even a realm called BlogTalkRadio that can
be accessed online with a multitude of stations that
cover thousands of subjects and disciplines. A person
can now be their own radio personality talking about
any subject they are passionate about.
One such BlogTalkRadio is “Courageous Conversations About
Education” “Ask A Teacher”: is a unique exchange that
is intellectual, addressing relevant issues in education.
Accessed by thousands each Sunday, CCAE is the vision of
Ms. Hafeeza B. Majeed, founder and passionate educator
from Little Rock, Arkansas.
Join on Sundays at 7:00pm CST; 8pm, EST/MT; 5pm, PT
Phone: (501) 707-0312 OR (206) 402-0100;
Guest pin code: 119398#
On the Web:

Each CCAE allows Guest/Hosts to guide a discussion about
their center of expertise centered on education. The
promotion of this programming involves Social Media
platforms, word of mouth and other avenues to encourage
the participation of concerned and engaged citizens
including parents, educators and administrators.

During the dialogue engagement is key, allowing time to
share experiences and even cultural background which has
a great influence on those who are speaking and sharing
content. The opportunity to provide solutions to the struggles
and challenges in education are a part of this dialogue.
All participants are involved in the education of children
in schools across this nation.

There are many educational challenges that go beyond money.
CCAE is about solutions once the challenges are recognized,
providing ideas on an intellectual level to the many issues
that surround and strangle the goal of equitable educational
opportunities for students.

The connectivity of technology has delivered these unique
and engaging discussions to the Internet. A recent discussion:
“The Importance of our Digital Signature” How Social Media
is Creating our Social Identity has highlighted the good and
bad of our digital involvement and the direct effects on
Blacks and other people of color. The growth of Blerds
(Black Nerds) and Bleeks (Black Geeks), the involvement of
youth, teens and young adults that do not understand that
their digital signatures will be available throughout their
lives and they will be judged and put on public display
because of their digital content.

One of the popular shows was by Guest Host:
William Jackson, Educator with Duval County Public School
in Jacksonville, Florida. A Blogger, Social Media Consultant
and Bullying presenter. Discussing the integration and
infusion of technology that creates digital pathways for
youth to travel when selecting higher education schools,
careers, relationships, Internships, communication with
family and friends.

Technology growing progressively intuitive (smarter).
Blacks and other people of color need to address the Digital
Divide, the challenge to stay positively engaged and
positively connected. Influencing global commerce, educational
access, social and business interaction and fundamentally
how the world will develop and how Blacks and other people
of color will be able to compete.

To hear the Blog Talk Show about:
Courageous Conversation about Technology and Social Media
Access the web site to hear the dialogue:


Jacksonville Urban League Social Media Presentation Video
Presentation by William Jackson….

Guest Host is William Jackson
Social Media Consultant and STEAM Educator


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