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April 17, 2013

Sparks of Life In Our Children

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Sparks of Life In Our Children

A national issue is the safety and security of children,
not just in homes, not just in communities, but in the
most unlikely place to be worried about a child’s safety
in “Schools.”
Schools are supposed to be “Safe Zones” a demilitarized
zone of nonviolence and peace. There are over millions
of students attending schools across this nation, all are
“Sparks of Life.” Each Spark is valuable
beyond measure.
Too many of these Sparks are being Bullied, harassed, too
many are physically beaten, emotionally scared, stalked
either physically or thru Cyber. The disturbing travesty
is Sparks are dying, their life Sparks are flickering into
oblivion from the violence that is seemingly increasing in
society and embedding in schools. A child’s Spark should
be bright as our sun, Sparks of sunshine and life for our

A child’s “Spark of Light” should be
brighter than the light from stars in deep space.

Sparks are being Bullied, sexually assaulted, harassed,
this is happening with disturbing frequency. News media
and Social Media are reporting from California, Connecticut,
Florida, Georgia and other states; Detroit, Chicago,
Jacksonville, Brunswick and other cities, no one is immune
to violence that was once only thought of only in movies.
Education is infected, educators are participating in
Professional Development that will require them to
potentially carry firearms, participate in self defense
classes, trainings in the prevention of sexual assault
of students and even emergency triage.

Educators and administrators are not and should not be
trained to handle violence from sexual assault, potential
use of firearms and other societal issues that are beyond
the scope of teaching the Sparks of our schools. The actions
of students are a reflection of the lack of parental
accountability and responsibility for raising children.
Parents knowingly or unknowingly are allowing the spirit
of violence to enter into their homes for children to see.

Television, movies, video games and even play engages and
glorifies violence and violent behaviors. In recent months
there have been several suicides and attempted suicides
from students that were Bullied by their peers and friends.
In Jacksonville, Florida a bullying incident was so vicious
and coordinated a young girl was lured off a school campus
and beaten so violently the victim suffered cranial (skull)
damage from being beaten.
Teen “Serial Bully”

Students committing bullying actions are thought of as so
dangerous they are being banned from schools and school
districts. Judges believe they have an obligation (morally
and legally) to do what they can to make schools safe.
Has the violence in schools come to the point where
teachers and administrators need to be armed?
Are parents allowing their children to be immoral,
unethical, insensitive and violent that court Judges have to
intervene for students’ safety in schools by completely
banning violent students?
Judge Henry Davis (Jacksonville, Florida) has stated that,
“Children ought to be able to go to school and feel safe.”
“They should not have to worry about being beaten up,
given physical injuries, permanent injuries at their schools.
Is it time for (JCCI Forward) Jacksonville Community
Council Forward to conduct a thorough study of
violence in schools to get a real picture of why parents
need to be held accountable for their children?
“The schools belong to everybody and not just one person
or one group of people” Judge Henry Davis (Jacksonville, Fl)
If youth are this violent why are parents of these children
not held accountable and responsible? Maybe judges need to
split prison sentences between youth offenders and their
parents to get parents to understand they are not doing their
jobs as parents.

The use of Social Media platforms like Facebook creates
an area where teens are threatening each other,
Cyberbullying and harassing each other. New terms
“serial bully” represent students that enjoy the title of
Bully, using Smartphones to record their fights as a testament
to their viciousness to others. The actions of students
Bullying questions parenting skills of parents that either
are in denial of their children’s actions or encourage them.
In a short time frame other accusations and arrests
from reported crimes. Report of possible sexual assault
at middle schools has parents and communities worried
about the safety of girls.

Across our country in California three teenage boys are
facing charges of sexual battery in connection with the
alleged sexual assault of a girl who committed suicide
because she was bullied and harassed. Events in Steubenville,
Ohio and Saratoga, California are added indications that
a child’s Spark is not valued. Even in Canada there is
great concern for the actions of youth. The attempted
suicide of a young girl hanging herself and was eventually
taken off life-support. Her actions linked to an alleged
sexual assault by four boys. Even after the alleged assault
pictures of the alleged assault were circulated to other
teenagers, using digital tools and Social Media prompting
relentless torment by her peers and a steady decline in the
young girl’s mental health: Another Spark extinguished.

The actions in our schools are a constant reminder of the
turmoil in homes and communities across the nation.
Statistics from Department of Juvenile Justice, Center for
Disease Control, and Department of Education have emphasized
the importance of involved, engaged and active parents. Just
as the recent Education Summit in Jacksonville, Florida that
I participated in as a presenter.
Parents need to be active in schools, knowledgeable of their
children’s’ activities and mental mind sets. Maybe the sexual
assaults and Bullying actions would not happen if parents
stayed alert to their children’s activities.

“The Spark” of a child is the residue of
the union of a man and a woman that should be nurtured with
love and responsibility.
Parental responsibility and accountability are for
the life of that child or children. If violent actions
continue in communities and homes children’s Sparks will
flicker from uncertainty about their safety, slowly diminish
from the stress of Bullying, harassment and death. Schools
and churches should be “Safe Zones” for children.
Where they can have refuge, protection and safety from
the violence and sin in the world.

How many Sparks will be extinguished before parents
understand their moral, legal and spiritual accountability
to teach, guide, build up and raise their children? Parents
complain about the justice system,they complain
about government interference in raising their children,they complain about schools not educating. Parents need to look
in a mirror and evaluate what have they done, how have
they acted, if they are involved in the schools,
communities, churches.

How can millions participate in a One Spark campaign, but
are limited in the influence with the Sparks in their homes?
If school districts had parental involvement with the energy
like a One Spark campaign there would be no failing schools,
no closing schools, no failing students, no bullying, no
juvenile sexual assaults, and more students graduating.
It is not the responsibility of schools to teach morality,
ethical actions by children and social accountability.
Parents created their Sparks so must make sure they care
for their Sparks as parents or the prisons, mental
institutions and cold graves in cemeteries
of the earth will have their Sparks. It is a choice parents
should make before laying down to create a “Spark of Life.”


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