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April 14, 2013

A Parents Anointing for FCAT 2.0

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FCAT 2.0

FCAT 2.0

A Parents Anointing for FCAT 2.0

Monday, April 15 FCAT
assessment will begin across
the state of Florida. Students
will participate in the state
mandated assessment that will
test their accumulated knowledge
from second grade to tenth grade.
It seems appropriate FCAT
falls after Easter celebrations.

This provides Churches and Ministries an opportunity to anoint
the children in their respective Ministries to spiritually
prepare children for the State Comprehensive Assessment FCAT.
Focus on the goal of achievement and victory.
I’m a firm believer as a teacher and Christian in the power of
Prayer and Praise. I also believe in the power of parents speaking
success into and upon their children. Having my two children
pass the FCAT in the past and continuing on as honors students.
My hope and prayer is that more students reach above and beyond
their abilities and potentials.

My belief respects prayer in that it can influence
children’s learning and behavior in school, consistant and
genuine prayer does change things. Although prayer was taken
out of the educational systems across this country parents
should pray for and anoint their children every day before they
go to school. Parents can speak tremendous power into their
children for success.

A parent’s responsibility and accountability is judged many ways
over. One of the important tasks of a parent or guardian is to
make sure their children are prepared for life’s challenges.
This assessment is another academic challenge for students.
It is not insurmountable, just another challenge that
children will face.

Upon reading this it should encourage parents; to perform an
anointing and prayer for your children. To talk to your children
that they are successful, they are intelligent,
they are gifted, they are talented and they are winners.

Stated by Marian Edelman (Child Rights Advocate)
“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving
your community and world better than you found it.”
All students in schools across this country must take and pass
some form of assessment that is why it is important for parents
to understand as much about their child’s respective academic
status and tests.
Each test is designed to measure how well students are progressing
at grade level, reading literacy, comprehension,
critical thinking skills, mathematics ability and

Let these words encourage parents to be active despite their individual educational backgrounds. Parents can make a significant contribution by encouraging, praising and having high expectation
of success for their child or children. Continuous communication that is positive and empowering.

Minster Keira Farr (Faith Christian Center) has stated several
years ago, “Education is a process of constant deposits being
made into our lives, building a solid foundation so that one
day we have something of substance to give others”. Parents
make positive deposits of wisdom and believe in your children,
do not allow one challenge, one assessment to hinder or
stop your child from growing and reaching their destiny of greatness.

Their goal is a high school diploma:
Not a Certificate of Completion, but an actual High School

Children’s lives, their futures should be built on three
strong foundations, the first a strong and unwavering
spiritual foundation, the second parents that
are supportive, involved, active and engaged in
their child’s life, not just school, but social,
and family oriented. Third an educational foundation
that will provide for present success, future preparation
and achievements.

Parents take a moment to anoint your children with positive
and encouraging words, “lay hands” on them to cover and keep
them protected.

To help parents understand the importance,
the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test or FCAT 2.0
is an evolving assessment. It is a more meticulous test with
greater expectations of student growth and knowledge across
all grade levels. The State Board of Education (SBE) raised
FCAT cut scores for each passing levels: thus raising the achievement bar.

Parents must take a more active role in helping their
children in their accountability and responsibility for
academic success and growth.
The first educator in a child’s life is their parents, you
set the standards, you set the bar for achievement, you
set the vision as a role model for learning.

This week of Monday, April 15 to Friday, April 19 have
your child at school on time and prepared.

More information to help can be found at:
FCAT 2.0

FCAT Publication

Testing Dates for FAIR – FCAT – End of Year


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