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March 16, 2013

There Is No I In TEAMUP

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Student on computer in TEAMUP

Student on computer in TEAMUP

There Is No I In TEAMUP

There are many programs
that involve themselves
in the lives of children
that attend Duval County
Public Schools.

None are so ingrained
in DCPS educationally
as TEAMUP in the seven
schools within the program.

The name explains the unique program that teams
The Bridge of Northeast Florida with Duval County Public
Schools. Providing a unique service that enriches the
educational value of students and helps to develop a social
identity of community spirit and activism.

The program is an academic and enrichment program
that seeks to enrich the academic, social and enrichment
opportunities for children from Kindergarten to Middle
School age in the schools that have a TU program.

There are seven (7) programs throughout the school system
that aid in children’s development. Each a cumulative success
story in a broad range as well as individually making an
impact on the academic achievements for students.

The TEAMUP program involves the unique abilities
of educators in Duval County Public Schools and
those employed by the Bridge that have a passion for
creating opportunities for success with children.
Improved student success is the goal of TEAMUP a
three hour, five day a week after school program
focusing on six core areas:
academic enrichment, sports and recreation,
life skills, cultural enrichment, parental involvement
and community service.

The success of the academic portion is the homework
assistance and tutoring, use of technology for reinforcement
of classroom learning, using technology to increase
reading comprehension through Accelerated Reader
reading program and the additional resources each school
provides to their students that participate in TEAMUP programs.

The schools participating in TEAMUP provide a
valuable service where 93 percent or more of students
receive free or reduced price lunch. Even though
economically challenged because of socio-economic
challenges, most students are on grade level or above
in reading and mathematics. They represent the talents
and skills of students that strive for success and enjoy
learning even after a full day of school. This is a testament
to the parents that set education as a priority.The success
of the program in all the involved schools has created a
waiting list for parents to enroll their children.

Andrew Robinson Elementary School’s TEAMUP
program is lead by Natalie Holsey-Sheppard who guides
the program from years of educational background
in administration and instruction. Dedicated to the children
in the community, her passion as an educator and as a
parent herself is seen through her hard work and
energetic enthusiastic smile and an uncompromising
professionalism to make sure students are successful
and that parents are engaged as well.

Parents are encouraged to participate through programs
that highlight the students talents, such as the recent
Black History Program, FCAT Parent Night hosted
by the Third Grade team of teachers from ARE. Guest
presenters from the Department of Health, Fire Safety,
Cathedral Arts and other community entities. Even
community events like Twirlers competitions where the
TEAMUP girls of ARE won 6 trophies.
Parent participation is a key element for student success
and parents are involved as much as possible.

As the Engineering teacher at Andrew Robinson
Elementary a STEAM school and a TEAMUP teacher
along with teachers from various grade levels we strive
to help students grow academically and through
enrichment activities that encourage and engage students
in directions and activities they would not have had the
opportunity to pursue. Each student is valuable in their
academic pursuits and intrinsically important in building
social responsibility and a blossoming scope to further
their education in college, vocational school or even
a military career. Elementary education is a foundation for
success academically and socially. If a student establishes
a good foundation in literacy, comprehension and mathematics
they will continue on the path to success in Middle and
High School, leading to graduation and post secondary

Students are provided the opportunities of enrichment that
is provided by community partnerships with businesses,
community entertainers and health care professionals.
Sharing information that enriches the mind and encourages
growing talents in these gifted and talented youth.

TEAM UP programs follow a healthy choice format providing a
healthy snack at the end of the school day and a healthy dinner
before leaving for home. The hot meal is a nutritious dinner for
students before they leave with their parents or guardians
that pick them up by 6:00pm.

Homework assistance and tutoring, enrichment activities
including arts and crafts (Cathedral Arts), and field trips.
The benefits of the TEAMUP program are well documented,
increase in promotion rates of students helping students
succeed in the appropriate grade level, decrease in truancy,
increase in attendance because students want to be involved
and helping to strengthen critical thinking and positive decision
making skill sets. Parents comfort levels are stabilized because
their children are in an academic and enrichment program that
is positive, progressive and changes the paradigm to increased
community need for the family.

TEAMUP sets a model of success, proficiency and
adaptation to the changes in education. Helping with
FCAT preparation, integrating technology into the learning
environment, engaging parents in “Parental Workshops,”
and importantly involving the community to show how
community partnerships are successful through collaboration
and cooperation. National data shows that programs like
TEAMUP redirect youth from potential criminal involvement
because youth are involved in academic pursuits that direct
thinking to positive outcomes and positive people.

TEAMUP’s success is from the understanding that:
There is NO I In TEAMUP

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Natalie Holsey-Sheppard

Natalie Holsey-Sheppard

William Jackson,
Engineering and STEAM Educator
Andrew Robinson Elementary School
TEAMUP Teacher


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