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March 12, 2013

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Malcolm X the importance of Learning

The Importance of Learning for Blerds

The Art of Blogging for Blerds and Bleeks

#Blerds are involved in many types of technology.
There is no limit as to what #Blerds (Black Nerds)
and #Bleeks (Black Geeks) can achieve with tech.
An important aspect to the acceptance of technology
is to have a passion for using technology. Whether
it is in the form of using Twitter to Micro-blog,
Instagram Blogging by pictures, Podcasting,
and many other Social Media platforms that
allow for communication and sharing of

The world has changed; African Americans
as well as those of diverse cultural backgrounds
must adapt to have a voice in the world. Not just in
the United States of America. Technology provides
an intangible ability to connect, collaborate and
consummate relationships that traverse distances.
Digital platforms are not hindered by distances;
in fact the distances that a person is physically limited
by can actually make a connection grow stronger.
Build a relationship that allows from the humanistic
bonding to extend over a Matrix like quantum field
of broadband, fiber optics, satellite and microwave

Sharing of digital content allows for a freedom to
express ideologies, spiritually, moralities, rationalities
and the inner psychological and emotional depths
to be shared with those of like minds.
The basic concept of Blogging is a digital diary,
text interlaced with opinions, ideas, observations and
intricate feelings. Blerds and Bleeks need to understand
the basic skill of writing is important. The historic
fundamentals of chalk to parchment, pen to paper and
now digital documentation is important in a world where
information is more valuable than currency.
The term:
”knowledge is power” is being replaced by “applied
knowledge is applied power” Anthony Butler, Sr. E3
Business Group.

Blacks need to understand the simplistic nature of reading
and empowerment of education and technical engagement.
Blacks are distracted by so many elements in their lives
that the simple practice of reading has become a chore:
this must change if Black children are to be successful
and able to compete in the 21st century.
Being an avid Blogger and an educator I strive to get my
elementary students at my STEAM school to embrace
wring, not just for its educational implications, but for
the passion of sharing and creating information. Blacks
will not have educational parity, economic power or
political voice if Blerds and Bleeks are not encourages
each generation to write, read and be creators of content not
just consumers.

”A silent voice is not heard, and a silent culture is ignored
and destined for extinction” Wm Jackson 2013.

Blacks are great consumers of technology, but a key area
is being a producer of content, creating a digital voice.
In this age of 21st century technical expansion, this is an
age where generations will be seen as valued or non-valued.
Intellectualism is a key factor in the value and growth in
diverse markets for Blacks.
Booker T. Washington stated, “I favor the most thorough
mental training and the highest development of mind.”
Blerds and Bleeks are moving in this direction the growth
of technology and expansion of educational opportunities
leads into the words of Washington directed at
Black children in schools:
pupils can have both their minds educated through learning,
about as much technology a possible, and their hands trained
learning how to Blog and design Apps.

Blogging and presenting since 2006 I embraced the title
of being a Blerd and Bleek long before it became fashionable
and accepted by people of color. Sharing my passion of
technology with students at school while I teach Engineering
to Kindergarten to Fifth graders. Hoping to birth in their
developing minds the awesomeness of applying technology
and the engagement of digital tools to be future creators not
just consumers.

Sharing some thoughts to encourage young Bloggers:
Find your passion(s) to write about and don’t be afraid to share
your passion. Write on a regular basis and don’t worry if your
writing is good or not. You are writing for the passion and
engagement. The more you write the better you get.
If you struggle to write provide assignments or homework to
write about. Choose something that excites you,
at first don’t worry about the direction just write and go back
later to correct and enhance.

The best writers have developed the ability of observe, listen,
and understand their feeling and surroundings that encourage
their writing and stay away from negativity in people and situations
that drain their spirits, enthusiasm and mental abilities.
Sometimes multiple pieces develop; the best thing is to carry
paper and pencil or recorder to record thoughts that are unique
and random. Even if an idea seems remote and un-usable at the
tine save it and put is away. Store it mentally and physically, I
guarantee you can use it later. Find out what motivates your mind
either through music, art, food, walks in the park or on the beach.
I have watched sunrises and sunset and received a Blessing of
encouragement each person is different. Again have pen and
paper ready at all times. If you think you will remember an
awesome subject later or title trust me you will not. I have
dreamed about a title or subject thinking that I will remember
later and mad that I did not write it down.

Always encourage others, their excitement will keep
your excitement going. There will be times when you
feel like you cannot shut your mind off, so embrace it
and work with it. These are the times where your mind
is excited, engaged and your synapses are in overdrive
so take advantage of it to the limit.
I have attended conferences, workshops and seminars,
the best advice that I received was from Al Letson, he
stated don’t be afraid of the voices in your head, allow
them to guide your writing, empower your spirit and
ignite your passion. Use your own voice to share your
own story.

Lastly if you want to be published young Blerds and
Bleeks submit to everyone, every place. Have patience
and be adaptable to the need for content. Published
writings bring joy, but it will not transform your life.
To the growing Blerds and Bleeks I share what I have
learned by listening to the passion for education by
Malcolm X. The talents of Al Letson sharing his
wisdom, humor and the love of his craft at a writing

I was feeling Al Letson when he said listen to the
voices in your head that guide and motivate you to
put words down. To be passionate about your craft,
that gift God has blessed you with. Don’t fight the
voices or force them to be quiet, but allow their energy
to flow and move you in directions that maybe you
would not have gone before.

Go forth young Blerds and Bleeks use technology to:
Create – Collaborate and Consummate your crafts.
Let it spread and be your Matrix of leadership for change.


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