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March 6, 2013

No Super Heroes for the Bullies

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Stop Bullying

Stop Bullying

No Super Heroes for the Bullies

Hollywood has entertained us, thrilled us and given us
hope and faith in Super Heroes. The thousands of kids
bullied, harassed and physically abused in our schools,
churches and communities across this nation understand
that there are no Super Heroes to save them.

Students like Bailey O’Neill of Darby Township School
system are tragically and viciously attacked in school
districts across the nation. The nation struggles with gun
violence against children in school, bullying of students
in school, sexual predators that may be teaching in the
classrooms across this nation and even students that are
homeless in a world where the United States is one of
the wealthiest in the world, but there are homeless mothers
and children.

The issue of bullying of any type is creating an
atmosphere that there is no safety for children even at

Quoted by Donna Schoenrock, “Some people won’t be
happy until they’ve pushed you to the ground. What you
have to do is have the courage to stand your ground and
not give them the time of day. Hold on to your power and
never give it away.”

Bullying is about power, the ability to take control of a person
and their life. Taking away power from a person making
them feel helpless and powerless. The 13th Amendment is
a strong legislation that not only stopped slavery, but
attempted to stop bullying, harassment, beatings, torture
and sexual misconduct against men, women and children of
African descent.

How can a nation with a strong Constitution developed by
founding fathers, freedoms that other nations can only
imagine and the right to free speech and public assembly.
How can our nation allow bullying against children
especially in educational centers?

The founding fathers did not think to write legislation to
protect children against bullying, sexual predators and
children being gunned down in schools that are supposed
to be the safest place outside of the home.
Bullying is a serious issue that gets plenty of press, but
solutions are far from being found. As children continue
to die, exposed to mental and emotional stresses that create
PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome) just like soldiers
and the number of suicides and attempted suicides grows
what are the solutions?

Having presented workshops on Bullying, CyberBullying
and Violence Against Women; it seems no one is listening
to the voices of children screaming for help. Educational
policies and procedures are changing nationwide for
protecting students and teachers from bullets, but what
policies are in effect for students that are bullied?
There are laws in effect, but it seems too many
administrators, educators and even guidance counselors
are not serious about investigating the seriousness of
accusations from students. Measures are not being utilized,
too many students do not feel safe, there are involved and
caring teachers, but there needs to be more done.

Tragedies like Bailey are becoming a regular occurrence,
young lives cut short by violence that should not be present
in educational institutions. How can students learn in the
classrooms of America if they are fearful for their lives,
if they are scared that they will either be shot or bullied
to death? Parents need to reevaluate the safety of schools
by looking at school board policies and being involved in
community grassroots efforts to save children from bullies
and bullets.

From recent Bullying workshops that I have conducted, the
death of Bailey brings valid, statements by a young
lady from a recent workshop, “no one takes it serious” a
high school young lady, “the administrators and teachers do
not want to listen and take action.” This is not how the majority
of educators feel, but it only takes a few to make students
feel unvalued and fearful.

Resources like “I Will Survive Bullying”
need to be shared, supported and importantly expanded to
talk to students to hear their challenges with being
harassed, bullied, stalked and physically attacked.
Resources like StopWebBulling (@StopWebBullying – Twitter)
show that bullying, sexual stalking, and other
forms of bullying and harassment are happening. The
question is, are the events in society overwhelming to schools
and law enforcement, growing numbers of students
are not feeling safe.

The changes in life and influences of the future are unique in
that “What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned
out to be the only surgeon who could save your life?”
Lynette Mather

The students in this case who jumped Bailey were suspended
for two days, does the crime meet the appropriate punishment?
The other side of bullying are the brothers and sisters that may be
caught in the middle, they too are scared, uncertain and stressed
about their educational journey in school. Bailey’s younger brother
was taken out of the school because his parents were worried that
he’d also be the victim of bullying. Is this not a form of
domestic terrorism?

Bailey an elementary student could not count on Super Heroes,
because there are none, but there are teachers, administrators,
counselors and other support persons. Questions will now be
asked where were they, why did they not stop Bailey’s harassment
and bullying? Where were Bailey’s protectors, educators and
administrators? What of other students like him in classrooms
and playgrounds across this nation, what kind of message does
this send them and their families?

It is now time to implement a “I Will Survive Bullying” program
in schools and churches. Work needs to be done and there is
no longer the option to wait for a Superman, A Batman or the XMen.

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