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February 26, 2013

Rockets Attend Engineering Expo at USF

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Wm Jackson and Students

Wm Jackson and Students

Rockets Attend Engineering Expo at USF

Engineering Expo 2013 –

The Mission of the Engineering Expo seeks to educate K-12
students on the importance of Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Math in their lives.
Students from elementary, middle and high school statewide
attended to expand their knowledge in these important academic

Andrew Robinson Elementary “Home of the Rockets”
recently attended the 41st Annual Engineering Expo at the
University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.

Several thousand students from across the state of Florida
participated in Engineering demonstrations, workshops,
displays, challenges and viewed exhibits.
ARE students; excited, enthusiastic, and thrilled to
participate with students of diverse cultural and academic
backgrounds. This was truly an educational experience and
exposure to a higher educational environment.

Duval County Public Schools were represented well by
ARE students sharing their engineering, scientific and
mathematical knowledge. Students realizing that their
peers in attendance will be their future competition
for entrance into higher education, STEM careers and even
enlisting in the military for careers.

Andrew Robinson Elementary a STEM school, embracing
a STEAM model of Science Technology Engineering Arts
Mathematics. ARE is also a National Elementary Honors
Society member, the only elementary school in the DCPS
that has been awarded this great achievement.
Having an Engineering Program already facilitated by
teacher William Jackson helps prepare students for
middle and high school transition. The understanding of
how technology is integrated into the learning environment is
very important to current and future successes of elementary
students. Brent, a fourth grade students stated, “Robinson is
preparing me with the skills I’m going to need to compete
on a local and national level if I want a career in STEM.”

Nationally STEAM is becoming an national model for
learning and includes the scientific process for learning
along with the engineering process for design, discovery
and construction.

Stated by, Catheryn a fifth grade student, “I did not think
girls could be successful in Engineering. After seeing all the
girls at the Expo was a good feeling. Mr. Jackson our
Engineering teacher has been teaching us a lot. I’m excited and
want to be an engineer building bridges and buildings in Jacksonville.”

The chaperones for the trip were:

Mrs. Thomas, Math Coach, Mr. Sznakowski, Art Teacher,
Mrs. Smith, Reading Coach, Mr. Mercer, Science Coach
Mr. Thompkins, Physical Education Teacher and Mr. Jackson, Engineering Teacher.
Andrew Robinson Elementary

Engineering Expo at USF Pictures

Science Experiements

Science Experiements


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