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February 22, 2013

Parents: Children and Social Media

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Wm Jackson - Presenting "Your Place In Cyberspace"

Wm Jackson- Presenting “Your Place In Cyberspace”

Parents: Children and Social Media

As a Social Media presenter, speaker and STEM
educator during my presentations
I have noticed youth and teens are creating the wrong
messages on their Social Media Networks.
Teens first impression’s are creating lasting images
that will follow them forever. The use of Social Media
has grown to an obsession for many youth and teens.
Advancements in Smartphone technology, wireless
accessibility and the ease of use of Social Media has
created dangerous situations for youth and teens.

Exposure to Cyberbullying, Sexting, Cyberporn
and Cyberstalkers is increasing to the potential of
physical, emotional and psychological harm to youth
and teens.

Conducting a Social Media workshop for Family
Support Services of Jacksonville, Florida, focusing on
teens “digital foot prints and content” teens are learning
the content they post online never goes away. The idea
of deleting one account and opening up another to “hide”
seems easy enough, talking to teens and demonstrating
the power of search engines teens are learning they
cannot hide their “digital footprints, content and presence”.

Just as I learn from teens conducting workshops they
learn from me as well. This is a symbiotic relationship
based on trust and communication. The mentality of
many teens is that even if they don’t use their real names
no one can find them is a dangerous misunderstanding.

Parents play a key role in monitoring their children’s
digital activity. Teens cannot be given free reign of the
Internet because the Internet reflects our society;
there is good, bad and evil.

The changes of technology can be overwhelming and
deceptive as to its safety as we watch the YouTube videos:
Did You Know 2013
The Social Media Revolution 2012-13

During my Social Media workshop, ”Your Place In CyberSpace”
we are interactively engaged in talking about Social Media
tools, platforms, networks and how they affect the
opportunities to enter into Colleges/Universities, Military
Service and even being employed. The importance of
teaching teens to Brand themselves and Market their abilities,
skills and intelligence for careers and higher education is
important. It is key for parents to be “Friends” on Social
Media sites with children until 18 to monitor online behavior
because an online “digital footprint” is the first impression
that society will receive before physical meeting is arranged
for college entrance, interview of jobs, internships and
even military service.

Parents should not be scared to monitor or even spy on
their children. If their children’s online activity is ever
questioned by school officials or law enforcement,
the parent will be held accountable and responsible
for actions that may be criminal behaviors.

Bullying/Cyberbullying, CyberStalking, Cyberporn and
Sexting in many states can be prosecuted as third degree
felonies. A study by Education Database Online found that
43 percent of parents look in on their children’s Facebook
pages, Twitter feeds, Instagram photos weekly.

During my workshop teens learned that Colleges/
Universities are “stalking” them to determine if they are
digitally mature to be granted admission. The military
maybe looking at emotional and psychological behaviors
of future and current recruits. Recently businesses and
education have conducted Social Media fact finding
searches to check employee’s digital footprints.
It is vital that in today’s schools and churches teens
need to be educated on how their Social Media content
affects their lives. Crime and safety experts like Ken
Jefferson in Jacksonville, Florida share, parents have rights
to monitor children’s online activity, stating, “They
(children) can’t be allowed to say, ‘You’re invading my
privacy,'” “The parents have paid the cost to be the boss,
to invade their children’s privacy at anytime, as long as
they’re under the parents roof, that’s they’re (the parents)

Conducting Social Media workshops I recommend to
parent if they have not done so look for online interaction
by their children about sex, drugs, alcohol, gang activity
and potential sexual hookup/meetups.
Communication is important so parents can learn the
“codes” their teens may use to share information with others
online. The numbers of Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking,
Cyberporn and CyberSexting are increasing. Teens are
showing signs of depression, fear, low self-esteem and
attempting suicide because of online participation and
cyber attacks from other teens.

Data shows that teens rarely communicate with their parents
about online activity, so parents must continuously monitor,
communicate and reinforce their presence to protect their
children. Parents should be role models for their children, if
parents are looking at porn and violence they teach children
it is OK because the adults in their lives are doing it.

Wm Jackson, M.Ed.
My Quest To Teach

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