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February 19, 2013

Dr. Bill Cosby and Mayor Alvin Brown Supporting Education

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Dr. Bill Cosby and Mayor Alvin Brown

Dr. Bill Cosby and Mayor Alvin Brown

Bill Cosby and Mayor Brown Supporting Education

The responsibility to be involved in
the strengthening of any cities
educational system is a
community responsibility.
Sole accountability and responsibility cannot be left just
to educators, but must be applied to parents, community
stakeholders and business leaders.

When there are educational challenges this is an indication
that challenges need to be collectively addressed, parents
should be more involved in promoting the value of education
to their children. Successes should be celebrated by all that
promote children success in schools.

Quotes by Bill Cosby show the needed involvement of the
community, “We, have to do a better job,” stated. “We
have to start holding each other to a higher standard.”

Educating children is a TEAM effort involving parents,
educators, administrators and community based stakeholders.
Mayor Brown and his staff have taken it further with the
Learn2Earn Experience a summer educational experience for
high school students and the upcoming Education Summit
involving educational advocates such as Dr. Bill Cosby,
that invites the community of Jacksonville, Florida to be involved.

The collaborative nature of the Education Summit is important
to the success of schools and represents never before cooperation
and collaboration of Mayor Brown and Superintendent Vitti.
The collaboration extends beyond the summit and provides
business owners opportunities for mentorship’s. This is a
genuine partnership that invites new ventures for the successful
education of children district wide.

Business partnerships can expand and strengthen with schools
because students of today will be employees of tomorrow and
business owners creating new opportunities for increased
commerce and employment in the future.

Business leaders need to provide mentors to schools and young
professionals should be role models and volunteers in the school
system. This creates and encourages a continuous infusion of
motivated, educated, skilled and progressive youth that value hard
work and helping Jacksonville Florida grow to be competitive in
global markets.

Cheryl Jackson, Sister2Sister Catering has provided meals
for Andrew Robinson families for their education nights, feeding
over 200 and involved in the National Elementary Honors celebration
again feeding over 200. She states, “as a business owner I understand
the importance of an educated work force, as a parent of three
adult males all graduating from DCPS I know parental involvement
is critical to any childs’ success in school.” “My future employees
must be capable, competent and skilled for my business and others
to grow and contribute to the economy of Jacksonville, Florida.“
Sister2Sister Catering

Mayor Brown and his administration should be
commended on their involvement to encourage students
to value education and understand the high expectations
for their success.

The Education Summit involving Dr. Bill Cosby is a
great opportunity for families to be involved and engaged
so the public should REGISTER now to attend!!
Space is filling up fast so the public is encouraged to
attend the Bill Cosby event at the FL Theater from
6pm to 8pm on February 28th.

The mission of the Summit is:
“facilitate an audience which reflects the diverse mix of
stakeholders in the education community, including the
many parents, teachers, school administrators, advocates,
nonprofits, businesses, community and faith-based
organizations that serve and have an interest in our schools.”

What better way to tell parents that they are needed in the
mission to educate students in Duval County. Parental
involvement has always been key to the success of students.
Evidence of the lack of parental involvement is seen
in lower graduation rates, dropout rates, increased
truancy of students, potential criminal activities by minors
and challenges for teachers in classroom management
and instruction.

The positive implications of parental involvement show
that parents are very influential in their child’s educational
success. Parents that are involved promote a vision of
success and a strong value for learning. Students whose
parents are actively involved in their education are more
likely to attend school regularly, adapt well to school
procedures and policies, take advanced classes and
excel academically; what more could a parent want?

As an elementary teacher of over 20 years my experience
shows that student achievement in school is not always
income or social status based, but the involvement of the
family. A strong bond of parents to instill the values of
reading, comprehension, mathematics and accountability
and responsibility for a person’s actions.

Parent Involvement
“When schools, families, and community groups work
together to support learning, children tend to do better in
school, stay in school longer, and like school more.”
Education Week 2/13

The Mayor is opening doors for unprecedented cooperation
with parents, business owners, faith based organizations
and community groups. In order for DCPS to be successful
nationally and internationally all of Jacksonville must work
together for a first class educational system.
Education Summit Community Registration

Mayor Alvin Brown’s Education Summit will kick off on
Thursday, February 28 featuring an evening performance by
actor and education activist Dr. Bill Cosby at the Florida Theatre.
Tickets can be purchased through the Florida Theatre Box office
at (904) 355-2787.


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