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January 4, 2013

Negros Should Be Free in 2013

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Reading is Freedom

Reading is Freedom

Negros Should Be Free in 2013

The latest events affecting Negros in historical
significance, political intrigue, societal violence
and entertainment should be an indication that
Negros should wake up and get serious about
their viability to be valued and of value in society.
Carter G. Woodson said it best about Negros in
the 21st century. “If the Negro in the ghetto must
eternally be fed by the hand that pushes him into
the ghetto, he will never become strong
enough to get out of the ghetto” Carter G. Woodson.
There is a serious social problem when school aged
children ask adults, “did you get your food stamps yet?”

2013 should be a year of ending servitude or slavery
for Negros. “In the year 2013 I will not be bound, I
would not be enslaved.” “Let no one in 2013, let no
one allow yourself to be enslaved,”
Pastor Timothy Cole, Sr. WFBC 12/2012
Twenty thirteen should be a year dedicated to freedom.
America is based on freedoms; it is time for Negros to
embrace our diversity, talents, skills and culture to be
free. The 13th Amendment (1863), signed to free slaves
from the humiliation and degradation of physical
Negros no matter the shade, they were all slaves, were
enslaved in the fields, on the plantations, in the house.
Negros were slaves to white masters, look at current and
past movies about slavery. It was not romantic, happy,
joyous, it was designed to beat Negros down, degrade them,
keep them uneducated and separated.
Twenty thirteen should be an end to Colorism, Bias, Hatred,
Denial and Self destruction for Negros. The 13th Amendment
ended slavery in 1863 this was 150 years ago. It seems
Negros have not learned the valuable lessons of valuing
freedom, embracing freedom and the blessings of freedom.
The empowerment of education and the ending of self hatred,
cultural ignorance and the Colorism of self destruction.

In celebration of freedom from servitude Negros should
embrace diversity because in the blood, in the genetic structure,
decedents of Africans. This cannot be denied historically, nor
can it be genetically forgotten. I’m the descendent of Irish
Americans, Europeans, Native Americans (Cherokee) and of
course Africans. This cultural richness on my father’s side,
I embrace and celebrate my African heritage, but still respect
my diversity. Twenty thirteen should be a year of celebrating
the freedoms granted by the 13th Amendment. Negros need to
stop waiting on a Superman, a President, on a Preacher, on a
Athlete, on a Entertainer or someone’s birthday; celebrate
as free Negros.

My Pastor states’ “We have some issues as a people, but we
should not allow the continuation of self hatred, cultural disrespect
and devaluing education to keep us enslaved in 2013.” T.C. 2012
Negros may not be physically enslaved, but mentally (psychologically)
slavery keeps many Negros from educating themselves. The denial
of math, science, literacy, language, stating by youth these are too
hard and are what White people learn. The reality is that Africans
invented math, studied science, practiced medicine before Europeans
could understand what these disciplines were. Writing was already
being done to document history. This information is historical
fact, traced back to Egyptians and other cultures. Egypt is on the
continent of Africa, but Negros either deny this or are not educated
enough to have learned these historical facts.

Negros are brainwashed that Colorism (hating on lighter or darker
skinned family members) is acceptable. Mental and cultural manipulation
that keeps Negros from growing as a people. “.. the Negro finds
himself at the close of the third generation from Emancipation. He
is restricted in his sphere to small things, and with these he becomes
satisfied. His ambition, does not rise any higher than to plunge into
the competition with his fellows for these trifles. At the same time
those who have given the race such false ideals are busy in the higher
spheres from which Negroes by their Mis-education and radial
guidance have been disbarred.”

The understanding that after 150 years of freedom, too many Negros
are still slaves. Killing their brothers and sisters, driving their culture
further into a history of murders and assassins. The moral
destruction of a people through music, entertainment, drugs,
illegitimacy and devaluing of education. Educational slavery is rampant
because Negros allow schools to fail in their communities, too many
allow their children to disrespect educators.
In the same breathe of cursing schools parents cannot even tell you
when they last took their children to a public library or museum
where learning is free. Freedom comes with knowledge and understanding.
Too many Negros celebrate their ignorance and show their embracing
of servitude (slavery) because they will not put their efforts to educate
and improve themselves. They can embrace profanity laden reality shows,
memorize degrading musical lyrics and participate in multiple sexual
partners spreading HIV and other STD’s. Too many students in school
refuse to learn how to multiply, but can learn rap lyrics with fluid ease and
can calculate when welfare checks come and food stamps arrive in the mail.

Those that are successful and doing positive things for cultural and community
enrichment are forgotten, cursed, and down played. Young people like Cameron
Clarke who earned a Perfect SAT Score on the SAT and even Shaquille O’Neal
who earned an Ed.D in education. Even though O’Neal was a successful sports
star he still valued education to continue to pursue a doctorial degree. This
should be celebrated nationally and an inspiration to educational success.
Why will Negros kill each other over a pair of shoes, but will not support academic
success? Give reasons not to attend schools, but openly smoke a blunt and teach
their youth to sag, insult each other and disrespect their mothers, sisters, and
grandmothers by calling them names not even fit for a dog or other living creature.

When Negros can celebrate a Negro President (Barack Obama) in the
“White House”, when Negros can embrace the first Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida
(Alvin Brown). When Negro youth can see a young man achieve a perfect score on
a national assessment (Cameron Clarke), when Negro girls can see a Negro girl
achieve Olympic glory (Gabby Douglas) , when 14 Negro men and women have
soared into space as astronauts, when a Negro man can fly around the world on
his own (Barrington Irving). This represents that Negros can achieve success and greatness.

Negros have physically been free because of the 13th Amendment for 150 years
this year of 2013. This New Year, this current decade of change, “At this moment,
then, the Negroes must begin to do the very thing which they have been taught
that they cannot do.” Carter G. Woodson
When will Negros unite, when will they seek to excel culturally, when will more
be honor students than incarcerated slaves to a system that seeks to destroy
them and their futures. Stop Colorism, Stop Cultural Racism, Stop Self hatred.
150 years should be long enough to get the message.

Why reading is important:
Books that changed my life and you should read.



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