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January 3, 2013

Magnetize Your Child’s Education in DCPS

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Magnet Mania

Magnet Mania

Magnetize Your Child’s Education in DCPS

January is Magnet School Celebration Month

Parents know the best way to ensure their child has
a bright future in life is success in school and to
establish an educational foundation second to none.

DCPS Theme:
The theme of the school district embraces the dynamic
and cultural diversity of Jacksonville, Florida. There is
the importance of inspiring and encouraging students
to be successful. The world is constantly in change and
education should change with it. The theme of DCPS
represents: The school district is committed to
providing high quality educational opportunities that will
inspire all students to acquire and use the knowledge and
skills needed to succeed in a global economy and culturally
diverse world.

Magnet Schools:
Magnet schools in DCPS provides educational opportunities
that enhance and excel a student’s interests, talents, skills
and hidden aptitudes that blossom in a academically
enriching and nurturing educational environment. A magnet
school offers a specialized program or theme that is designed
to attract students; promoting or maintaining a diverse
student population. Diversity allows for leadership qualities
to rise, diversity allows students to learn skills important in
careers that are 21st and 22nd century. Students apply to
attend a Magnet school that is not their neighborhood school.
The opportunity to leave a neighborhood in some cases is
an option. Parents may not be confident or comfortable so
it is important to know that they have options.
What better way to help students grow in an educational
environment then to provide a first class education that
recognizes the student as a person not just a statistic or
Magnet schools provide that extra element to push their
students further and energize them with a thirst for
learning and desire for excellence.

Magnet Programs:
A Magnet program is a specialized theme that allows
students to explore a special talent, skill, gift or interest.
A Magnet school can offer one or more Magnet programs
or themes. Thus the title of this Blog,
“Magnetize Your Child’s Education in DCPS”
When a student understands that he or she is valuable in
the instructional model and parents see that their children
will advance and be prepared to compete and succeed in
the world, Magnet programs validate their contributions
to a community seeking those students that have that
extra ingredient to be successful and be leaders to others.

Educational Reform:
Florida is a leader in educational reforms using data to
guide instruction, but not to view students as just data.
Data shows the right instructional methods that should be
formulated to maintain high academic success that coincides
with high academic expectations. Certified, qualified and
trained teachers guide student success along with consistent
parental support.
Stated about Magnet Schools in Duval County Public Schools,
“Duval County Magnet Programs is one of the nation’s most
successful Magnet programs, according to the U.S. Department
of Education. The high level of success and the level of qualified
teachers is shown in DCPS by the amount of schools and students.
Approximately 20,000 students participate in 30 different
program areas offered in 71 schools that are involved in the
Magnet program.

The Foundation is Elementary:
Just as parents create the foundation for valuing education
for their children, elementary education is the foundation
for success in Middle and High School. Parents need to
make sure their child starts with a good foundation that builds
them. Just as a building has a strong foundation of concrete,
rebar, and strong building materials.
Workmanship is important and this is found in teachers
dedicated and passionate in their careers. As a Magnet teacher
of over 10 years and educational veteran of over 25 years the
Magnet environment offers a unique and empowering
educational experience for children and builds confidence
in parents, grandparents and other family members. Children
are being prepared for a future of growth, leadership and success.
Success stories like Andrew Robinson Elementary, that has
a Magnet Theme of: Pre-Engineering, Mathematics and Science
ARE is also a Model Technology School meaning that there is a
technology model of each classroom that has four (4) student
works stations, Smartboard, projector, document camera, access
to online learning programs and each grade level has access to
laptop computers (IBM/MACs) for independent student work,
research and projects.
The new Engineering lab that implements the educational
direction of STEAM – Science Technology Engineering Arts and
Mathematics shows that educational diversification is the new
national standard for instruction.
Using a state of the art Art program, national Physical Educational
model, Music program lead my an accomplished thespian,
technical and educational Computer Lab, modernized Library
that combines traditional literacy with books and access to
technology for research and project development.
The Engineering Lab led by a teacher with a diverse background
of working for NASA, in higher education, mentor to students.
No other elementary school may have this talent in resources and
diversity for students to have access to.
Magnet Schools provide the elements that parents are looking
for in an elementary environment that will help their child not
only grow educationally, but excel outside of the classroom as
well. The time is now to visit a Magnet school, complete an
application and take a tour. Looking for an elementary
school, consider Andrew Robinson Elementary as your child’s

Additional Educational Resources at Andrew Robinson Elementary:
Cathedral Arts Program, TEAMUP, National Elementary Honor Society,
STEAM School, Reading Celebration, Literacy Events,
Parent Engagement, PTA,

For More Information:
Call DCPS Magnet Programs: 904-390-2082
Magnet Programs

Andrew Robinson Elementary School

Magnet Mania


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