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December 29, 2012

Who Is Stalking Your Child Online

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Wm Jackson, Presenting

Presenting at Church of God In Christ, Jax, Fl…

Who Is Stalking Your Child Online

There were three Florida girls murdered by
sex offenders. These deaths inspired
Florida state lawmakers’ over four years ago
to beef up the Child Predator Cyber Crime
Unit in Florida.

The young ladies Jessica Lunsford, Carlie
Brucia and Sarah Lunde. One death is too
many when related to any crime. The Internet
has opened up an ugly mirror that reflects the
nasty and dirty side of online chats and interaction.
Bringing sex, prostitution, sex trafficking and
pedophiles to the digital world of the Internet.

Florida’s approach against cyber sex crime and
stalking online is a model for the nation. Parents
still do not understand that dangers from their
children’s unmonitored Internet access can bring
danger to their door steps. The range of Social
Media tools from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,
YouTube, Vimeo and other networks opens a
new door to “Contact” and “Friending” and
“Following” people in a digital world. Even when
shopping online Craigslist may be potentially
dangerous from past events of deaths, abductions
as reported in the Florida Times Union.
Friending can be a dangerous thing now. Federal
authorities believe that at least 500,000 to 750,000
predators are “On-line” on a daily basis.
Beware of Cyber Stalkers –

Children as young as 10,11, 12, 13 year old boys
and girls are Social Media veterans and talk
about adult content, using profanity and sexual
language. Many parents refuse to think of their
child using profanity, just walk the halls of middle
schools and ride the school buses for a week and
your mind will quickly change.
That is the REALITY.

Parents while trying to listen do not understand
the slang and “code” their children use. Hookups,
Booty Calls, Sexting and sexual quickies are being
planned. Sexting is growing online and many parents
are not aware of their child or children online

Life Time Movie Network LMN has scheduled
“Sexting In Suburbia” that parents need to watch with
their children.

Parents are encouraged to tune in and learn about
this online activity that can be performed from
cell phones, tablets, and any device that can take
and transmit video and pictures online.

Life Time –

Sexting a minor federal offence and those that are convicted
must register as a Sexual Predator. Youth will post their
address, cell phone number and other information online
thinking they are save “cause no one will find them.” Really?
I once had to call and tell my daughter to remove her cell
phone number from her Facebook page and then
“teach” her mother about the potential dangers this could
create. As a parent and Social Media presenter/speaker I
was scared of the potential chaos it could cause for my
daughter and ex wife.

The state of Florida’s Cyber Crime unit since it started has
arrested between 80 and 120 mostly men per year for
cyber sex crimes. There is not a specific professional group
men from many professions are caught. Thinking they are
going to meet young girls and in some cases young boys to
engage in sexual contact after connecting online.
The FBI believes that at least one in five children get
sexual solicitations while on-line, usually by an adult
posing as a child or teenager.

Jay Howell of the National Center for Missing &
Exploited Children, stated that “predators are
different than years ago. They would (predators)
either befriend a child or join organizations that could
get them close.” The Internet has opened doors from
the shadows. The Internet has allowed stalkers select
their prey in online secrecy. Thus, they must travel now
to commit their crimes if not in the same state then
traveling state to state.

Google Earth is being used by adults seeking sex with
minors. Finding youth by their addresses, zip codes and
other small pieces of information. Facebook is contemplating
lowering the age of their members, to what end? Parents
need to check their children’s online activity, through
phones, tablets, computers laptops and other devices.
Children are engaging in dangerous activities on a
network that reflects our country.
Vint Cerf, considered one of the “Fathers of the Internet”
stated, “The internet is a reflection of our society
and that mirror is going to be reflecting what we see.
If we do not like what we see in that mirror the problem
is not to fix the mirror, we have to fix society.”

Parents be more engaged in what your children are doing
online. Even gaming systems can get online so the
Nintendo Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo DS’s and other
gaming systems will give unprecedented connectivity to
youth that are not mature enough to handle the responsibility
to manage their online content.
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