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December 26, 2012

When Humans Hunt and Kill Their Young

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Shannon Hicks Photographer

Shannon Hicks Photographer

When Humans Hunt and Kill
Their Young

”Knowledge unties knots.” Zora and Me

The reality of the Christmas
season in 2012, parents hold
your children closer and
tell them you love them.
Grand parents call your children
and even great grand parents call
your families to tell them you love them.

Pastors, Priests, Rabbi’s
and other religious leaders pray and anoint your
The events of Newtown
are displayed all over our media, printed in
newspapers, transmitted on radios and around
the world in all forms of Social Media.

I seriously had to pray before I wrote my
thoughts and feelings as a parent and a teacher.

Quotes such as: “There will be no justice as
long as man will stand with a knife or with
a gun and destroy those who are weaker than
he is.” Isaac Bashevis Singer

Singer was correct in this statement that shows
even with a judicial system based on protecting
the weak (children, elderly, etc), gun laws in
legal books, those that willingly use guns take
human life do not care about justice, human life
or the value of children. Treating lives as if they
contain no value. Arguments are made for
banning assault rifles, handgun ownership policies,
changes in purchasing guns, physical modifications
to make guns less lethal (which is really stupid)
and the quotes of the NRA to put guns in schools
stated by Todd Rathner, on the board of directors
of the National Rifle Association of America,
“we need armed security at schools.”

I’m a past NRA member, was a rifle instructor
for years. One of a few Blacks that taught shooting
at summer camps in the nineties. Teaching safe
shooting at summer camps for children on the
East Coast. Those statements made by NRA
representatives are dangerous and irresponsible to
me as a parent and teacher. I learned first hand the
power of death that even a .22 rifle can have that
I used to teach gun safety and shooting accuracy.

There are discussions of gun legislation, banning
assault rifles, state to federal changes in how guns
are sold. This maybe a turning point in how
America sees its love of gun ownership change.
1364 is the first recorded use of a firearm in the
world, this has transitioned to unheard of firepower
in the 21st century that civilians can claim to own.

The history of gun violence is filling history
books, governmental statistics, and grave yards.
The statistics are scary, on the
web site even for 2007.
There was an estimated 280 million guns in civilian
hands in that year. Newtown and other schools like
Columbine have shown that there is no place to hide
from gun violence. According to a report on 3,042 children and teens died
from gunfire in America in 2007. That is one child
or teen every three hours, eight every day, 58
every week. Almost six times as many children
and teens 17,523 suffered non-fatal gun injuries.
There is the emotional damage that too many times
is not addressed. Emotionally children are damaged
into their adult years. Children now suffer from PTSD
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, usually found in

The quote by Sarah Brady, “We have cracked down
on library books, cell phone calls, fertilizer purchases,
and wearing shoes in the airport. Students in many
schools have to have clear backpacks, unlocked school
lockers, but we have done almost nothing at the state
and federal level to make it harder for either a terrorist,
garden variety armed robber, or young person to get
their hands on a handgun.” The results of Columbine,
Virginia Tech and now Newtown show the dangerous
results that can happen.

I don’t have the answers to this complex issue, just for
American citizen to think about the importance of the
protection of schools, teachers, administrators,
support staff and children in them.
How can we call schools a Safe Place when schools
cannot be guaranteed to be safe?

The United States military is sworn to protect Americans
from all threats foreign and domestic, does that mean
putting soldiers in our schools? Having the National
Guard patrol the hallways, lunch rooms, bathrooms
and gyms of the nations’ schools? President Obama
and his administration are expected to do something,
no matter what they do it will be a no win situation
because the country is so divided on the issue of gun
ownership. The NRA has powerful lobbyist, political
power, money and connections on the state and local
levels. So my hope is diminished for any change because
Americans love their guns to the point where some will
forget the deaths of children to keep their guns. Too many
will blame President Obama for not making changes,
the gun issue is bigger and older than him. Look at the
history of guns in America to understand this.

As a teacher I’m saddened, humbled and proud of the
teachers that sacrificed their lives in saving the children
they were responsible for teaching. Teachers receive too
much negativity from parents, the media, in some instances
governmental legislation. The majority of teachers take their
jobs seriously and only ask to be respected, appreciated and
supported. The unfortunate events of not just Newtown, but
Columbine and other school shootings show that educators
in fact do their jobs for the love of teaching and the love
of students. A human face needs to be back into the
classrooms, not trying to make teachers robots guided by
just Benchmarks, Standards, Assessment Data, and evaluation
methods based on gender, race, or disability. Teachers need
support in their classrooms not just Professional Develop
training. Their jobs are to teach, but more and more
teachers are addressing the social ills of our communities
and country.

Recently in Jacksonville, Florida a man posting on a website
threatening to “shoot all of you” at a Jacksonville elementary
school. Raised alarms again this was the third threat across the
country. They must be taken seriously and security methods
taken to protect schools. What needs to be done is a universal
question with a difficult answer. These events show that parents,
educators, administrators, guidance counselors and community
health providers need to work together. Offering more
workshops, providing more educational resources, and if
necessary going into homes, apartments and even homeless
shelters to provide assistance.

Stated on web site,
”Teachers are one of the main
pillars of a sound and progressive society. They bear the weight
and responsibility of teaching, and, apart from parents, are the
main source of knowledge and values for children.”

This statement is accurate beyond believe, but America has to
re-establish their faith in their educators. Newtown has shown
that teachers do pay the ultimate sacrifice for their students,
unlike the military they are not trained for dealing with gun fire,
violent deaths of children, death of their peers and open combat.
Is that what our schools are coming too? Are teachers going
to really get combat pay and training like SEAL training:
Tactical Educational Assault and Leadership for Survival?
Student Escape And Tactical Evasion Training


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