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September 25, 2012

Central Florida Blogging Conference

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William Jackson Tiffany Duhart  Lee Brown

William Jackson Tiffany Duhart Lee Brown

                               Central Florida Blogging Conference






William Jackson, Tiffany Duhart and Lee Brown writers/bloggers from Jacksonville
and Orange Park, Florida recently participated in the Central Florida Blogger and Social
Media Conference
which is growing as a national and international conference for bloggers.
CFLBCON Central Florida Blogging Confer is a 1 day conference in Orlando, Florida focusing
on blogging and social media content creation using multileveled digital tools.

The conference goals were to create a hyper focus on the sharing of technical knowledge,
blogging expertise and expanding social media ideas for application. The growing involvement
of Social Media is creating a paradigm shift in how people share information (content),
receive news (local, national, international) and interact with family and friends
through Social Networks; Facebook, Twitter, Nings, Youtube and other resources.

William, Tiffany and Lee represent Jacksonville and Orange Park as they travel to various
technology conferences sharpening their technical and writing/blogging skills. Since 2011
they have traveled to Blogging While Brown (Philadelphia), Bar Camp Blogging and
Technical Conference (Orlando), WordPress Conference (Orlando) and other venues
in Orlando, Jacksonville and surrounding areas of Florida.

They are Social Media experts that enjoy sharing their collective experiences, wisdom and
skills that help their community to grow in understanding the engagement and collaborative
abilities of Social Media and the intrinsic value of incorporating technology in everyday life.

William Jackson, M.Ed. is a STEM Educator, Blogger and presenter on Social Media Safety,
Bullying/Cyberbullying and Internet usage (My Quest To Teach)
Tiffany Duhart, Marketing and Outreach Consultant, is a Social Media Consultant ,
she provides workshops and seminars on Branding and Marketing using Social
Media tools (Tiffany Duhart)
Lee Brown, blogs on Social and Political issues, Travel and Food (The Intellective).

Each are respected in their communities as writers/bloggers and deeply involved in their communities
addressing social/educational issues, politics and improvements in their communities.


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