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August 16, 2012

Text and Die That’s Why

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Text and Die, Thats Why

Text and Die, Thats Why

Text and Die That’s Why

The school year approaches quickly and more drivers
will be on the road. The dangers of texting and driving
will increase because of increase in traffic as parents
take children to school and Day Care vans, Church vans,
School buses, and Learning Center drivers start
transporting children to and from schools.

I can only share my experiences in Jacksonville, Florida
where I live, but I’m sure it can be applied in other urban
cities and even in rural communities.

There are Day Care, Learning Center, buses and cars with
children that have driver’s texting and driving. In the
previous school year on several occasions drivers have
entered into wrong school gates, drifted into oncoming
traffic, hit curves, crushed safety cones as they were
distracted by texting or talking on the phone.

Observing these events at the school where I’m employed,
I see clearly that the driver is texting or talking on the phone.
I’m not sure what the policies are for vans, buses or
other vehicles, but each center/church should have their drivers
sign pledges not to text and drive because they are
responsible for transporting children, young lives that are
just starting.

Even church transporters have been seen texting and talking
on the phone, becoming distracted. Texting takes your eyes
off the road for an average of five seconds, which equates to
the length of a football field if driving at 55 mph. Seeing
vans and buses speeding through school zones and noticing
the driver looking down or away from the road is frightening.

When it comes to texting and driving, that conversation
can wait. Nothing is more important than a life, especially the
life of a child.

A campaign that has been in existence since 2009 is
AT&T’s Texting While Driving campaign,
“Txtng & Driving It Can Wait.”

Statistics show increased injuries and deaths
happen when drivers are distracted. Texting is more
dangerous than driving while intoxicated/drunk.
Day Cares, Learning Centers and other organizations
that service children need to understand that they
should equip their drivers with safety tools that
keep everyone safe. The most powerful tool is
common sense, respect for their responsibility and
holding drivers accountable. Laws can be enacted and
law enforcement can enforce the laws, but consequences
happen only when someone is seriously hurt or killed.

The “The Last Text,” shows the dramatic and
frightening events of texting and driving. If you
don’t think this will never happen to you then
view this video. Lives, especially children are more
important than a digital message. When driving around
schools, day cares, churches, even senior citizen
facilities be mindful it only takes a second for a disaster
to happen.

Day Cares, Learning Centers, Churches,
School bus and van drivers face huge responsibilities
and are accountable for everyone’s safety.

There is no need to text and drive or even have
conversations on cell phones while driving with children
under a providers care. Think for a minute if your
child or children was in a similar situation that you put
other children in would you want that person texting
and driving with your children in their care?

View the video and judge for yourself.
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