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July 23, 2012

Calling Teens and Adults for Poetry Jam

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Poetry Jam

Poetry Jam

Calling Teens and Adults for Poetry Slam

Poetry Jam in Jax

Summer Performance of Poetry for Teens and

The Performance Poetry Summer Poetry Jam
is a non-competitive event for ages 12 and up.

On Wednesday, July 25th from 6pm to 7:30pm
poetry will be performed, dramatized, expressed
and illuminate the Main Library in the Hicks Auditorium.

What better way for teens and adults to express
their lyrical, spoken, vocal and didactic talents.
Edifying the human language with emotional and
spiritual filled pronunciations that provide an opportunity
to share, reflect, memorialize the human existence
in all its glory, complexity, happiness, sadness,
and solidarity of being alive.

The history of poetry can be traced to performances
that are hundreds of years old; documented as far
back as the fourth millennium B.C.E. in ancient Egypt.
Poetry Therapy
Poetry Therapy

What better way to celebrate the spoken word that
has dynamically changed over thousands of years.
According to Wikipedia poetry is: Poetry as an art form
predates literacy or writing. Performed, Poetry was
employed as a way of remembering oral history, story
(epic poetry), genealogy, and even law.

There isn’t a superior language in all the billions of
lives in this world; the beauty of language is the vocal
metamorphosis generated from thoughts to feelings.
The ability to culturally share experiences, wisdom,
spiritually and ethnic intricacies that are stored in
memories of life experiences.

Poetry; that lyrical ability to tell a story, share a thought,
project a feeling, express love, pain, hurt, healing
and release of the chains of mental and emotional
bondage that we all experience in this journey called
the human existence.

For more information contact: (904) 630-0673,
registration is the same day and on Facebook


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