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June 1, 2012

Blogging While Brown 2012 in Philly

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Blogging While Brown 2012

As I traveled to Blogging While Brown 2012 in
Philly with Tiffany Duhart the excitement about meeting
other bloggers, writers, content creators, professionals,
creative artists and those that write for fun
is almost overwhelming.

The opportunity to meet, collaborate, share content,
market and branding is a skill that has many avenues
and directions.  What you post as a Blogger / Writer is
your first impression to the world about who you are.

The development of Writing / Blogging should not be
overlooked as a means to share content. There are many
elements involved that many people who aspire to
Write / Blog do not understand.

The Blogging While Brown Conference in Philly shares
key points for discussion and action to promote the
development and production of content and influence
from the aspect and concept of Blogging.

Some direct elements include; importance of credibility
and authority about what you are writing about. Who or
Whom are you associated with and how much credit do
you have?? Credit does not mean monetary content,
but your authority, your expertise and your following /

As a writer / blogger your digital works or content should
shape, mode, influence minds, emotions. Passion is a
great motivation for writing / blogging that brings relevant
content, but un-harnessed energy and passion.

You must be passionate, a zealot and strong in your
abilities as well always willing to learn and grow.  As an
instructor at EWC and with DCPS teaching Writing / Blogging
has become imperative because of the influences of
content creation for higher education entrance, state
testing and assessments.


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