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April 30, 2012

EWC Students Attend Teacher Town Hall

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Al Letson, Prof. Wm Jackson, Brittany Glover, Michelle McNealy

Al Letson, Prof. Wm Jackson, Brittany Glover, Michelle McNealy












EWC Students Attend Teacher Town Hall

Brittany Glover and Michelle McNealy, students from Edward Waters College
attending the Educational Technology class of Pro. William Jackson had the
opportunity to attend WJCT and the Florida Public Broadcasting Service event
Teacher Town Hall. Teachers across the state were invited to have their voices
heard in a taped forum addressing Florida’s high school dropout crisis.

This unique opportunity allowed these two students to hear educators perspectives,
experiences, suggestions and ideas  about the urgent issue of the increasing
dropout rate of high school students and the implications of failing the
FCAT Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

The WJCT Studios was a great setting to gather teachers from around the
state including Duval, Clay, Putnam and surrounding areas. The program
taped will be re-broadcast across the state on PBS and NPR stations in May.

Al Letson of NPR’s State of the Re: Union hosted and guided the dialogue.
Brittany Glover a Mass Communications major had the unique opportunity
to see firsthand how technology is used to broadcast programming.
Michelle McNealy had the opportunity to hear strategies, the use of benchmarks,
standards  and other measurements to assess student success, challenges and
progression as a Psychology major this is very relevant to her profession with
the use of data as a tool to apply prescriptive measures tocontrol and monitor
behaviors. EWC was well represented by these talented young ladies. The
opportunity to take a photograph was also provided with Mr. Letson who
encouraged them to continue their education.

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