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April 23, 2012

EWC Students Involvement in Politics and Mayor Brown

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Prof. William Jackson, Avery McClendon and Mayor Alvin Brown

EWC Students Involvement in Politics and Mayor Brown

 The students of Edward Waters College
attending the course Educational
Technology 250 would not have
thought that there is a blending
of Politics and Education when they
enrolled in the course.

The influences in educational systems; home school,
public, private and charter are not only determined by
the political actions of our elected officials, integration
of technology, but the growing interaction of students allowed
to participate in real world experiences including politics.
In order for all educational institutions to receive equal
support students MUST and SHOULD be involved in
politics and the political processes that run our societies
to make sure funding even for private higher education
is equitable. Gov. Scott stated that, “he has not heard from
parents about the budget for  education.”
Reported on WJXT 4/22 on This Week In Jacksonville.  

The recent Young Professionals Meet and Greet with Mayor
Alvin Brown provided by young professional groups
Impact Jax ( and JCCI Forward
(, created an excitement in the students


from EWC that had the honor of not just meeting with
Mayor Alvin Brown, but the opportunity for discussion and
dialogue. This proves the point that politicians should meet
student’s and listen to their concerns and be held accountable
answering their questions. Even Mayor Brown commented,
”this building should have thousands of young professionals
here,” referring to the Carling where he spoke. Young pro-
fessionals know that the foundation to any career is based on
a good educational background, that means college.

Long gone are the “who you know” ideologies, it has trans-
tioned to “do you have a degree Bachelors, Masters or both?”
“Are you planning on working on your Ed.D or Ph.D?”

The rising of tuitions, lowering of educational services,
changes in financial aid by state governments. All are
indications that students are not being heard and potentially
ignored by state officials when considering financial support.
Avery McClendon, a freshmen student at Edward Waters
College majoring in Biology never thought he would be
able to shake the Mayors hand, but also received words of
encouragement about the value of hard work, empowerment
of education and taking advantage of opportunities that come
his way. Alicia Young asked Mayor Brown about support and
mentors for college students of the Mayor and received a direct

She was able to meet with members of the Mayors staff to
assist her and other students. Mayor Brown is known for his
support of the public educational system in Jacksonville, Florida
and also support of all higher educational entities in the city,
including Edward Waters College, the oldest Historically Black
College and University in the state of Florida. EWC as it is known
in the community has graduated from its historic halls men and
women that have shaped the political, economic and educational
structure of Jacksonville, Florida.

The fall semester may see a diminishing of enrollment because of
financial aid changes by the state and lowering support of services.
Parents and students need to question their state representatives to be
aware of what will be changing in the coming weeks not months so
they will be prepared. In the new state budget Governor Scott signed
there are sweeping changes for the state with our private educational
institutions and state funded schools. Already University of Florida,
Florida State University, Florida State College of Jacksonville,
North Florida University, Bethune Cookman University and
others in various parts of the state are now reviewing potential
budgetary shortfalls and potential to raise tuition and other fees.

As this school year comes to a close and students prepare either
for graduation or summer vacation, the students attending this
reception provided by Impact Jax and JCCI Forward are
influenced that may be future business, educational and
political leaders in the future. Learning from and modeling by
the leadership of former Sheriff and President Nathaniel Glover
(Edward Waters College), Mayor Alvin Brown (graduate of
Jacksonville University) and Ranaldo Allen (member of Impact
Jax (, other business
leaders Anthony Butler, Sr (E3 Business Group) who recently met
First Lady Michelle Obama and is a Small Business Assistance
Provider under JEDC,  these are leaders in the community.

Education should not be taken for granted or devalued in any way.
All youth, especially Black and other cultural youth do have positive
role models in the community that show there is a need to continue
community support by joining groups like Impact Jax and
JCCI Forward.  

They provide a voice to community issues, access to information
and resources that affect the political, economic, educational and
social conditions of Jacksonville, Florida.

Personally, I’m a member of JCCI Forward, Impact Jax and
E3 Business Group. I enjoy serving and in service to the citizens
and young professionals of Jacksonville, Florida. Education
whether in my role as a teacher  in Duval County Public Schools
and Edward Waters College, helping small business owners as a
Social Media trainer with E3 Business  Group, I hope to positively
influence other professionals not just Black, but White, Latino,
Hispanic, Asian, Haitian, Middle Eastern and other cultures to
share their experiences, knowledge, and wisdom so that
Jacksonville can truly become a successful and diverse city
representing the good works of all its citizen no matter their
cultural backgrounds.

EWC students and students from other institutions are influenced
by empowering words by Mayor Alvin Brown for his support and
advice to success in the future. The involvement of Jacksonville
Education Commissioner Dr. Donnie Horner shows that those in
city government do “get it,” his involvement in various capacities
to engage youth in our city and show “the faces, smiles and hearts”
of our government that is trying to build Jacksonville, Florida into
a truly “Bold Now City of the South.” College students stay involved
and if you are not involved find a way to become engaged. Your
educational future hangs in the balance.

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