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February 29, 2012

Parent Workshop from DCPS

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Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops





As FCAT and other assessments (tests) come closer
to measure student achievement and progress. Parents
may need assistance in helping to prepare themselves
to help their children.

The infusion of State Standards, Benchmarks, AYP, FAIR
testing that measures multiple levels of literacy, reading,
letter recognition and other key academic elements.

Parents can become lost in acronyms and other identifiers
of instructional language. Parental workshops help in
understanding how parents can aid their children in
preparation for these diverse assessment and measuring

Below are workshops taking place at Andrew Robinson
Elementary School. The Family Involvement Center is
dedicated to working with parents in understanding the
dynamics and challenges of testing tools.

If you are interested in attending any workshop please
call Amy Restivo for more information and registering

Andrew Robinson Elementary School
Family Involvement Center
Room #171
101 West 12th Street
Amy Restivo, Parent Liaison
630-0550 ext. 2171


“FCAT for Families” Workshop
(For Parents of Grades 3-5)
Wednesday, March 7th   4-5p.m.
Thursday, March 8th 9-10a.m.

“Families Reading Together”
(For All Parents)
Wednesday, March 14th  4-5p.m.
Thursday, March 15th 9-10a.m.

“Doing Science at Home”
(For All Parents)
Wednesday, March 28th 4-5 p.m.
Thursday, March 29th 9-10a.m.

Main Public Library
Jacksonville Public Library
Web Site:

Calendar Information:


March 17
2pm Grade 3 – 5
3pm Grade 6 – 11

March 24
2pm Grade 3 – 5
3pm Grade 6 – 11

Main Library E-Classroom
303 Laura Street North


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