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February 23, 2012

Fathers Visit Your Child In School

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A Fathers Role

A Fathers Role

Fathers Visit Your Child In School
Fathers guide and anoint their children.

My experience as a father and a divorced father
is to stay in the lives of your children. No amount of
money can change how your children feel about
you if you are dedicated and devoted to them.
The passing of the 100 day of the school year,
fathers should be visible and involved by now.
How many fathers have visited their children’s school
to check on grades, behavior, reading (literacy) levels,
and  other important information? Will your child
be promoted to the next grade or face retention
in the next academic year??

Fathers be more involved if you are not; make sure
your children are receiving the best quality education
possible and that they are valuing education. Fathers
through the eyes of educators still hold parents
accountable and responsible in providing for their 
child or children’s educational, social and psych-
ological needs. The recent Real Talk Real Change
Youth Rights Right Now and Urban Education
Symposium has shown through data and personal
experiences parental participation is important from
early learning ages to high school seniors.

Parenting set the tone and the direction for learning
and social interaction in society. Parenting is a full
time job, rewards may not be seen instantly, but
through parental perseverance, prayer and guidance
children will be successful academically and socially.
Fathering is not easy, but a responsibility that should
not be taken lightly, the creation of a child also creates
a physical and spiritual responsibility to raise children
with values and morals.   

Listed are helpful strategies to fathers as they navigate the
path of being a father and visiting schools. Bill Cosby
has stated about being a father in a humorous way,
”If the new American father feels bewildered and even
defeated, let him take comfort from the fact that whatever
he does in any fathering situation has a fifty percent chance
of being right.”

Fathers must stay the course and be the father that their chil-
dren need, in many cases grandfathers and even uncles are
raising children, they in their own respective rights are
fathers, dads, and daddy. They are the foundation, the
root and the model for youth they are raising.

The National Fatherhood Initiative:   
“Children with involved, loving fathers are significantly
more likely to do well in school, have healthy self-esteem,
exhibit empathy and pro-social behavior, and avoid high-risk
behaviors such as drug use, truancy, and criminal
activity compared to children who have uninvolved fathers.”

Strategies to help dads when you visit the school:
A. Announce that you would like to visit the
classroom or to eat lunch with your child(ren)
contact the schools office and your child’s teacher
to find out their requirements for visiting the school.
Don’t make your visit on any special school day,
make it on a regular day so there  will be
no distractions.
B. Be humble and go with the flow, schools have a lot
of scheduling with resources,  reading and math times.
If you get lost in the shuffle or confused just ask what is
the routine for the day.
C. Cash is needed for lunch, so don’t think that you have to
have a lot of money to eat. Most adult lunches are $4.00 to
$6.00; call first to find out. Work with the teacher to maybe
provide snacks for the kids as an incentive for good weekly
performance. Your stock as a dad will go way up!!!!!
D. Dress casual, a nice shirt and jeans works well. Everyone
will know you are a dad so you do not have to advertise it.
Don’t show off, make a fashion statement or flaunt.
E.  Even out your time if you have more than one child.
Be prepared to go to lunch more than once during the day.
You have to be fair to all your children.
F.  Find time to have fun. Smile and enjoy your day. A lot
of students and teachers will smile at you, make sure you
smile back and be genuine. Don’t be coy or fake.
G.  Guide your day with your goals in mind.


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