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February 6, 2012

Andrew Jackson H.S. and SCSU Scholarships

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SCSU Bulldogs

SCSU Bulldogs

Andrew Jackson H.S. and SCSU Scholarships

to Andrew Jackson High School on Friday,
February 10, 2012 at 6:00 pm for their annual
scholarship event.

Education is vital to the growth of any community
and these opportunities of higher education and
the support of college and university entrance
should not be overlooked.
Even in so called “Challenged or Intervene Schools”
students still excel academically. A “label” does
not always represent the entire body, care should
be taken when naming a school and the affects to
the complete population.

There is an ongoing achievement gap that needs
to be dealt with now, not in five years or ten
years. Just as in the movie “Can’t Wait for
Superman” parents must take responsibility for
the education of their children. There
are educational opportunities available, but
parents and students need to be empowered to
take advantage of opportunities through hard
work in the classrooms of DCPS.

Students also need to be involved in their
communities and their churches. The “holistic”
approach to education should be addressed
as Mayor Alvin Brown stated in 2011,
“a holistic approach is needed to improve
education in Jacksonville.”

This means the business community, clergy,
mentoring, juvenile justice, law enforcement,
higher education and increased parent involvement
is needed. Parents cannot have a “handsoff”
idea when their children enter into Middle
or High School, a “hands on” approach is
needed to make sure their is growth, accountability
and responsibility for learning.

Students should be registering for the ACT and SAT
assessments, continuing to work on their reading,
comprehension, literacy and mathematics abilities
not just for FCAT, but to create a pattern of
success in preparation for college attendance.

Technology is embedded in education so the use of
technology to build employment skills and to
function in a technological world are important
to compete for future high tech jobs that
require knowledge sharing and content creation
in digital environments.

The Urban Education Symposium focused on some
of these areas, the emphasis being on Black males.
They are statistically the highest to be written
up on referrals, suspended, arrested, working
minimal hour jobs or unemployed. This growing
pattern of societal and generational failures
has to stop.

Universities like South Carolina State University
provide opportunities for young men and young
women to change their life into positive directions
of academic and social success.

In order for our young people to create patterns
of success it takes the whole community to develop
the value and responsibility needed to create
accountable and holistic educational successes.
Andrew Jackson High School is on a road to success
and continues to need the assistance of the community
to build on current and future opportunities for
all its students.

For more information for this event email:
For a flyer with more information.
The flyer will be in PDF format.

William Jackson, M.Ed.
DCPS and Edward Waters College
Graduate of SCSU ‘85


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