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November 15, 2011

Parents Have Digital Access to Teachers

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Social Media for Parents

Social Media for Parents

Parents Have Digital Access to Teachers

The first 9 weeks report cards
have been distributed. Parents
need to know where to go for
information to help their child
or children if they are not
meeting with academic success.

Technology is available now to connect
parents with educators so they are informed on how to
address learning or behavioral challenges. Social media
is providing access to educators that was at one time
not available, but parents are accountable in using
their access to social media to help their children not
just for social contacts but in more productive avenues.

The Internet and social media has made a genuine
presence for gaining information that is current and
flexible in its content (information).

The 2011/2012 school year started with online tools
that parents can use to connect with teachers. Access
through technology has enabled parents and
guardians to digitally reach out and communicate with
teachers. Parents will have questions throughout the
school year relevant to the progress and success of
their children in the DCPS school system.

One of the best ways to gain information is through
the Internet using a multiplicity (geek term) of
multitasking (another geek term) digital resources.

These resources include;
Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr, dcpsTV,
Parent Portal, dcpsNews, Parent Link,

These are distinctive and effective forms of commun-
ication for parents and the community in this digital
age of social media. The ability of parents to contact
teachers and gain school related information
is aided by technologies that teachers have access
to in their schools and classrooms.

No longer are teachers inaccessible during the school
day, technology allows parents and teachers to keep
open the lines of communication that were
once limited to notes home in bookbags and phone
calls which at times delayed replies. Teachers need
to understand that school email accounts are of public
access and their content (emails) are stored on a
server. That information never goes away and can be
used later. The opportunity to communicate had a
very narrow window at best with traditional
paper/pencil/pen notes.

Parents are encouraged to use digital devices;
computers, smart phone, Pads, etc to obtain information
on related school issues. Facebook pages, and
Youtube videos can disseminate important information
and archive (save) information for future use. There is
now access that you (the parent) can connect, download,
interact, listen, view, search and integrate with your
dailey routine as a responsible and accountable parent.

Dates, times, locations and directions for meetings,
school activities and events can easily be accessed
by logging in or accessing online content.
Duval County Public School learning started the
FIRST DAY of school and so was the accessibility of
information to start the learning process.

Report cards are an indicator if your child(ren) need
tutoring services, extra help, makeup work or if there
are learning challenges. DCPS has incorporated
various technologies that provide current news and
information throughout the district to help students
accomplish success.

Questions can be answered by visiting and clicking on Student and
Parent information links to learn more. There are
multiple ways to exchange information besides web site, there is also access
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
Duval County Public Schools Television ( dcpsTV),
dcpsNews, dcps Parent Portal, ParentLink,
Youtube, Flickr.

Parents are learning the importance of accessing
information about their child in school through
Virtual Information Environments (VIE).
Social media has proven its value in sharing
information on multiple platforms that are
SoLoMo or Social Local Mobile capabilities. The
growing trend is to use smart phones and interactive
pads with WiFi to gain information that is graphical
and interactive. Increased numbers of parents and
children access information from their cell phones.
These numbers are shown by service providers such
as TMobile, AT&T, MetroPCS, Sprint, and Verizon.

Understanding the social media concept of
SOLOMO (Social access through
social media, Local access to information, Mobile
access with mobile technology
(SOLOMO). Parents quickly apply their mobile skills
when accessing digital content from online sites.
The concept of SOLOMO allows parents to use the
available technology to 1. So – socially connect
with family and friends, 2. Lo – locally stay
connected to the social environment and local information,
3. Mo – mobile access with technology that allows
for continued and importantly uninterrupted service.

A breakdown of services to access DCPS for parents:
Facebook –
Twitter –
LinkedIn –
Duval County Public Schools Television (dcpsTV)
Flickr –
dcps Parent Portal –
ParentLink –
Youtube – search for Duval County Public Schools
These resources can be found directly on

Technology is a powerful tool and used on multiple platforms;
parents, guardians, grandparents, and family members no
longer have to be disconnected, confused, lost or feel
Virtual Information Environments (VIE) are available
as listed above. Social media is proving its value in
sharing information on platforms that are diverse and mobile.
It just takes using your favorite form of technology
to get connected, stay connected and communicate with
your child’s teacher(s).

The diversity of Jacksonville’s growing community is
addressed, on the DCPS web site, the capability to
Translate information in multiple languages.

Using GOOGLE Translate, speakers of other languages
can gain information to serve their diverse language
needs. Parents have additional resources to have an
increased influence on their child’s education and have
greater awareness for themselves.

To see a Youtube video on this information
click the link below.
Youtube video on Digital Access to DCPS for Parents

William Jackson, M.Ed.
Educator with Duval County Schools
and Edward Waters College


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