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October 24, 2011


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There is nothing that compares to a HBCU Homecoming.
It is more than just a football game; it is a
family gathering, soul food extravaganza,
community fellowship, youth inspiration for
the excitement of college, Battle of the Bands
showdown and in some ways a spiritual experience
covering generations of families.

The beginning of Homecoming starts well before
the game; it is a weeklong celebration capitulation.
Surrendering to the rich beat of continuous music,
the enjoyment of food ranging from traditional
Bar B Que to cultural dishes of African, Caribbean
meals and down home Southern cuisines.

This year’s FAMU Homecoming was no different than
pasts, a sea of orange and green with Alumni from
all parts of this great county displaying the
characteristic pride of Rattlers who successfully
graduated from this historic HBCU of Tallahassee,
Florida. Current students participating in week
long events from fraternity and sorority step/stomp
shows to the inclusion of cultural events.

Attending with my son who is a sophomore at
FAMU I witnessed the pride in the eyes that
were in attendance. The smiles that showed fond
memories and the holding of hands of our seasoned
seniors dressed from head to toe with
orange and green attire. This is the power,
excitement and spirit of Homecoming at FAMU.

Highlighted this year the Alumni band and
cheerleaders entertained the thousands in
attendance with “Ole Skool” style dance moves,
musical scores and “Drop It Like Its Hot”
grooves that brought standing ovations and wild
cheers from the crowd. This was just to warm up
the crowd for the internationally acclaimed
FAMU Rattler Band to perform.

Accompanying the band the Alumni cheerleaders
both male and female and outstanding Flag Team
performed with professionalism and style.
Tumblers performed flips, twirls, cartwheels
and gymnastic feats that defied not only gravity,
but age. The saying “Old Skool is the New Skool”
is an understatement to the artistic and talented
moves, grooves and swagger of Alumni that did it
in the past and can still can “Drop It Like Its Hot”
and pull it back up again without missing a beat.

The fierceness of the Rattlers definitely had
an effect on the weather. Forecasted to rain,
the clouds dared not drop heavy precipitation
to rainout this Homecoming for fear of the
Rattlers legendary bite, and I’m sure there
were many prayers that made a big difference
as well.

What should not be overlooked was the HBCU
respect and fellowship that is found at HBCU
Homecomings. No matter what school or the
competition, HBCU’s always show respect
that is given and respect that is accepted.
This is what creates treasured memories for
graduates of HBCU’s across this country. They
create traditions that generations follow
in attendance, that motivate families to
send their children to HBCU’s to receive a
quality and culturally empowering education.

I’m a graduate of South Carolina State
University and my son is a student at
Florida A&M University, by fiancée’s son
Daryl is a graduate of FAMU and now working
on his Master’s at FAMU.

When time comes for my daughter to attend
college she too will attend an HBCU for the
quality education that it provides and
“real world” education that prepares it’s graduates
not only to compete on national and international
levels, but to be successful in life and look
back to help others up the ladders of career

The football game was awesome, entertaining
and electrifying, but Homecoming is more than
a game it is a feeling, a tradition and if a
person goes away without a spiritual connection
of some kind they have missed the bonding and
This fellowship will be with those in attendance
for years if not a lifetime and grows each year
families come back to experience a Homecoming.

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FAMU Homecoming 2011


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