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September 16, 2011

The Truth About “Becky and Teddy”

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The Truth About “Becky and Teddy”
A Teen and Young Adult Heath Summit
September 17, 2011
9am to 2pm
First Timothy Baptist Church
12103 Biscayne Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida 32218
This is a Free event and lunch will be served.
Special Sessions for Adults.

Teen Health Summit

Teen Health Summit

The Truth for Teens and Young Adults
The truth is that the best proactive measures for Teens
and Young Adults is Education. Preaching,
threatening, scolding and even punishing are
not true deterrents to changing behaviors of
Teens and Young Adults.

When it comes to reinforcing and understanding
the dangers and consequences of unprotected
sex, drug use, obesity, alcohol, dangers with
social media, and situations of bullying,
parents must use tools available to
“get through” to their Teens and Young Adults.

The Best Defense and Strategy is EDUCATION.
When parents talk about social concerns they
are sometimes met with indifference, rejection,
closed minds, closed ears and even rebellion
from their children. Many parents become
frustrated, depressed and lost as to how
they can reach their child or children when
they are blossoming and growing into Teens
and Young Adults.

The truth is there is so much misinformation
that Teens and Young Adults are not sure who
to believe. The most logical choice is
communication with their parents, but peer
pressure, new friendships, being with the
“in group” may be more important for Teens
and Young Adults at their ages.

Quote ”There isn’t a child who hasn’t gone
out into the brave new world who eventually
doesn’t return to the old homestead carrying
a bundle of dirty clothes.” Art Buchwald

A parents responsibility does not just
happen in the home, but also when a Teen
and Young Adult leaves the home.
Accountability is important as parents teach
and preach to their Teen and Young Adults
about the correct direction to grow. The
media has shown images of Teens and Young
Adults murdered, incarcerated, abducted,
abused and some have
even disappeared, never to be seen again.

The community of Jacksonville must take
more of a responsibility to get Teens and
Young Adults more involved in events like
The Truth About “Becky and Teddy”

This Teen and Young Adult Health Summit is
directed at Teens and Young Adultshere in
Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding communities.

Presenting information on a level that
Teens and Young Adults can comprehend, relate
to and immediately apply in their every day
interaction within their social groups of
school, church, community and home.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to
bring their Teens and Young Adults and
their friends to this powerful summit that
has the potential to empower minds and
safe lives.

Youth is, after all, just a moment, but
it is the moment, the spark, that you
always carry in your heart.
Raisa M. Gorbachev

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