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September 13, 2011

ONE BY ONE for Our Schools

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Success and Purpose Driven

Success and Purpose Driven


When education is attacked and the level of educational service and funding is declining this should be a wakeup call for the community to join in a unified effort to strengthen the collective resources and provide support to the educational community. When libraries are losing funding and vital access to knowledge is denied communities start to decline on an intellectual level that ultimately affects personal perceptions of the value for growth and brings about lower self esteem and psychological challenges.

When education that provides skills to allow people to compete in a global economy looses in legislative session the future ability to infuse American workers to effectively compete in jobs that require future skill sets infused in Mathematics, Science, Technology and Literacy (reading and comprehension) is threatened. Schools now face budget cuts that students will feel years to come, if America were a third world country we would be in political dissention, social unrest and lower than we are now when compared globally with other countries.

Florida is losing its competitive edge because of the decline in basic skills that cannot be overlooked in the continued advance in higher learning. The basic foundation of education leads to higher educational accomplishment and a continued desire to learn by members of the community. In order to Transform our schools for a progressive and vibrant future the community should embrace and support progressive organizations that seek to aid students and families.

The “ONE by ONE. Transforming Our Future Together” campaign seeks to infuse energy, accountability and responsibility into an educational campaign that excites parents about the educational process. Through the One by One campaign, “it is our goal to see the entire Jacksonville community mobilized, unified, and empowered with an action plan to strengthen our communities, our schools, and act on behalf of our students.” During times of economic stress, political change dialogue is needed to “educate” the public what direction is needed to address and eliminate the challenges we face that try to divide us and challenge our collective strength.

Education is a key element that provides the necessary skill set to bring knowledge workers together for collaborative opportunities. The best resource a society has is the education of its youth. Groups such as the Public Education Fund are, ” recognizing that Duval County is at a critical moment for improving public education, the Jacksonville Public Education Fund launches the ONE by ONE campaign to unite the community behind a common vision to ensure that all students graduate from high school ready for college and the workforce.” What better way to empower our community and continue to prepare our youth as participants in global markets.

The saying, It takes a community to raise leaders, says a lot for the accountability of every citizen to be concerned about the educational success of all youth. It does not matter what community, it does not matter what neighborhood or gated entrance ALL of Jacksonville should be concerned.

Our youth can no longer be containers filled up with facts, figures and statistics; our youth must be Knowledge Managers. Managers of information, using information to accomplish goals and objectives to accomplish a task or reach a goal as in College, Vocational Schools, or Military Service. Globally KM’s promote the sharing and incorporation of information, because information and knowledge are POWER.

To see how our community can make a difference tonight it is the opportunity to witness and be a part of change.

Visit the Cummer Museum of Art and Garden tonight an exhibit called ONE in THREE.
Powerful, Progressive and Purpose Driven

Join us at the @CummerMuseum from 4-8 pm and transform the future of education! For more information, visit

One By One Jax Contact Rachael Tutwiler at Call (904) 356-2194


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