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July 4, 2011

Minorities; Social Networking and Marketing

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Social Networking/Marketing is booming for minority small
businesses and minority entrepreneurialism is on the rise because
of the integration of technology. Blogging content is important in
business and market planning to establish credibility and a
presence online. Technology, an ever developing tool, important
for business contacts, building business relationships, creating
collaborations, expands the reach of business cards, email addresses,
and cell numbers.

Minorities need to understand the time is now for business ownership
to explore business options on social networks. It does not take a
technology degree, or a marketing degree (learning the basics is
important) it’s as simple as gaining a basic understanding of using
networking tools to expand beyond a handshake.

The misconception for business success online is joining every social
network, making thousands of friends, gaining multiple contacts, and
grow an email database bigger than the next person. Even if a network
of thousands is created this may not work towards business success.
There needs to be a plan, a procedure, a process to implement social
networking and social media concepts and designs.

Content is very important, content is king; stated by Tiffany Duhart
of Nokturnal Escape,  “many business owners do not value the content
of their social media sites. Businesses  do not realize that all the fluff
and pizzazz of Flash, Shockwave, music and incorporation of graphics
goes away in the minds of potential clients, the client looks for content”
 Nokturnal Escape view the content, use of graphics,the use
of content to drive people to the site to provide information. As I
lecture and present on the importance of content for businesses and
education, many business owners think they can drive customers to
their sites with lots of graphics, but this does not mean anything
if a client is not made. Having a web presence, social media presence
or involved in LinkedIn does not mean everyone knows who you are.

The goal is to have repeat visits and consistent clients. Content is
what attracts potential clients and keeps their attention,
the same with Blogging. There is no compromise when it comes 
to the importance of content.
Stated by Scott F. Geld, Director of Marketing for,
“Content is the thing that attracts customers and retains their attention.
It is the one and only means, which would bring customers to your
website and turn leads into sales through all your advertising campaigns.”

The social networking scene has grown billions of people in 3 years,
the explosion of the diversity of what is being called the Web 2.0
environment has allowed diverse communities to connect,
work in partnerships, allow for peer collaboration on projects
that minorities would never have imagined only years before.
The Nielsen Company, showed through studies consumers spent
about five and half hours on social networking sites ranging
from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
This is an 82% increase from previous years when users were spending
just over three hours on social networking sites. The globalization of
social networks and blogs are the most popular online category followed
by online games and instant messaging. People have discovered through
social networks there is no limit to what a person can participate in
according to their professional curiosity and business desires. This is
why when addressing business interests a plan with routines and
procedures is needed. Businesses are finding that the instantaneous
sharing of information about companies and products is prompting
businesses to influence conversations through technology and new
ways of thinking.

Businesses can be victimized by social media sites and the posted content
from others online. Customers have a medium (tool) to criticize a product
and communicate with millions in a matter of minutes.
Customer satisfaction should be number (1).  Businesses are in constant
cyber attacks, minority businesses particularly should take cyber hits
seriously. They must be sure that employees keep their identities
and access/network codes secret.

The Internet and Social Networks open up doors for espionage, theft,
slander, and potential criminal activities. Establishing a connection in
social networking environments may allow for an entrepreneurial spirit
to develop faster, but opens doors for other threats.
Education and being proactive is very important.

This media is ever changing and developmental; looking at Google,
Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Nokturnal Escape and others;
their implementation of Social Media and Social Networks has
changed the rules of businesses. In the book Business at the
Speed of Thought (Bill Gates 1999) Gates highlighted that in
order for any business to be successful, businesses must
embrace technology.

In order for any business to survive there should be an
incorporation of business thought, technology implementation
and integration.

Minority businesses must learn to implement, incorporate, collaborate
and educate themselves to compete in a global digital market place.

William Jackson, M.Ed.


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