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June 16, 2011

Testimony To Teaching

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Testimony To Teaching

Never Would Have Made It Without You…
“Never would have made it, never could have made it,
without you. I would have lost it all, but now I see how
you were there for me.” Marvin Sapp

The graduation ceremony at Andrew Robinson Elementary
was comparable to the commencement service of a

This was the intent of Crystal Lewis Principal of ARE; from
the model
of “College Preparation” that was a motto of the
year for all grades.
Incorporating a frame of mind for
college, academic performance and
future acceptance in
college. The level of academic performance and

ownership of learning; the “NOW” No Opportunity Wasted

Learning is continuous and no opportunity is wasted to
instruction. The prominence of the graduation
ceremony inspired the
fifth grade students, parents, family
members and friends to continue
high expectations of success
and high levels of academic achievement
for these graduates.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, “What lies behind us and
what lies
before us are tiny matters compared to what lies
within us.” Similar words
of wisdom were shared by Fifth
grade teachers expressing their pride,
 joy and love for the
students and their achievement.

Graduation is a time for celebration of the achievement of
academic success,
 reflection of the school year and commemoration
by awards, recognition
of the hard work of students;
the commitment and sacrifice of parents
and professionalism
of teachers. During the ceremony fifth grade teachers

shared tidbits of information about the struggles, accomplish-
ments of
student; the times of laugher, study and even times
of tears.

The hope is during these ceremonies students understand the
dept of commitment
teachers at Andrew Robinson Elementary
put forth to prepare them for
challenges they (students) will
face, not just academically during their

journey to college, but socially, intellectually, morally and

Fifth grade graduations are not just a conclusion to elementary
 but the closing stages of the innocence that is found in
many elementary
school students. The transition from Kinder-
garten through Fifth grade
for many students progressed at
the same school. There develops a bonding
that extends beyond
the classroom for students and teachers. Teachers become

a part of the families of their student’s; in some cases teachers
surrogate parents of students because of the amount of contact during each day.

Teaching is not a five day a week job, working only
eight hours, teaching
core academic subject areas.
Teaching is a birthing process; the labour
of teaching with
strategies, standard, rituals and routines that must be
observed to meet the objectives of each lesson, the preparation
of teachers through lesson plans guided by state standards,
assessment data, administrative input, differential instruction.

Classroom management skills used to address potential
distractions to the learning environment as students are
guided to self control, self respect and self motivation.
Parental involvement is needed and sometimes induced
by behaviour challenges, academic shortfalls and the
concern of teachers that have high expectations for all
their students. Birth is a developmental process just
as education is; birth encompasses the physical,
emotional, and cognitive aspects of growth and
development. These elements are the hard work that
is involved leading to the birth.

The birth in education comes during the graduation, when
the diplomas are awarded, recognitions given, experiences
shared, prayers answered and appreciation is given to parents
and teachers for their love, sacrifices and not giving up on
students who struggled or who “just didn’t get it yet.”

The graduation (birth) is shared; the students are now
young adults progressing to the next level of growth.
Elementary school lays the foundation for students not just
at ARE, but at the elementary level county wide. The memories
will last a life time and more will be added as students move to
Middle, High School and College or University.

Students and their families will move on just as in other
elementary schools, teachers have completed another
year of instruction and reminded that the struggles are worth
the efforts they put in. That the hard work, long hours, and
sacrifices are justified.

Robert Louis Stevenson statement to teachers,
“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you
reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
Gain strength and comfort in knowing that teachers
are planting seeds for the future of doctors, lawyers,
scientists, teachers, preachers, Presidents, Mayors,
engineers, and for careers that have not been
discovered yet.

Education, Students, the Youth…
“Without education, you’re not going anywhere in this world.”
Malcolm X

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