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March 28, 2011

Celebrating Women

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Men typically don’t celebrate WHM, the significance in the
celebration is the accomplishments and historical achievements
of women nationally and globally. Throughout history recorded
and otherwise women have played a pivotal role in helping to
shape the building of this nation (United States of America).

Let’s not forget woman’s contributions in building and
supervising Kingdoms, Dynasties, Governments, Empires,
Principalities, Cities and Villages. It must be highlighted
that women managed homes, families and businesses
while men went off to military service, religious callings,
civil/civic responsibilities, divorce, through abandonment,
and death of  the man. This is not a minority or Black thing,
but women of all nationalities, colors, races and cultures |
have experienced similar situations and circumstance.
This creates a dynamic sisterhood that has voyaged
over time.

In the 19th, 20th and 21st century it is not uncommon for
women to be on City Councils, Chairpersons on
Executive Boards, Mayors of cities, Physicians, Judges,
Law Enforcement Directors, CEO’s, CFO’s, Presidents of
Fortune 500 businesses; there are currently 15 Fortune 500
companies run by women, and 28 Fortune 1000 companies

In metaphorical terms the glass ceiling has holes, crevices,
in some places smatterings that have changed perceptions
of a woman’s ability to lead and inspire. In business, technology,
science, education and Armed Forces circles it is taboo to
compliment women on their managerial styles and accomplishments.
Thus in the eyes of self imposed denial and incorrect perceptions
by men; men are not always the best managers.
Data of businesses, military records and educational
graduations of students reflects the successes of women
in managing businesses and people.

The perfect example of women’s success is in the classrooms,
hospitals, on battlefields, in courtrooms, on Judges Benches
of this nation. Women have managerial skills, intuitions,
perceptions, instincts, and emotional interpretations that
are better than many men. Our next President maybe
Michelle Obama because of her sharp intellect, down to
earth rationalization, dedication as a mother, role model,
community activist, and quick wit and humor (no disrespect
to President Obama intended).

In the areas of education, industry, business, science,
economics, the opportunities to advance in these growing
and influential areas have resulted in prospects that have
granted women to gain necessary education skill sets,
managerial abilities, critical thinking and decision making
skills to take administrative positions of leadership
successful. Women especially minority women value
education and the empowerment it brings. Their presence
is evident on the college campuses and digital classrooms
of our colleges and universities. For 2009 high school
graduates, the college enrollment rate was 73.8 percent
for young women and 66.0 percent for young men nationally.

Women’s enrollment is increasing while in some cases
men are declining  (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).
Women have become more aggressive in obtaining
an education because they realize that they cannot
always depend on a man to take care of them.

At the graduate level, the percentages of degrees
awarded to women have been steadily increasing,
reaching 21.1% of master’s degrees and 17.6%
of Ph.D.’s in 2004 (National Center for Women
& Information Technology). Men having children
out of wedlock and are being forced to support
these children so their ability to have access to
finances becomes limited. When involved in
other relationships or seeking to continue their
education men find their options are limited
because of financial responsibilities.
Education allows women to have options,
they are not left to “pick” from what is left
over or scramble to find a mate for fear being
alone or having someone take care of them.

Women are now taking care of themselves,
their children and their man (if they choose to have one).
Woman’s ability to manage a business is already
embedded in a woman. The level of intelligence,
critical thinking skills, and organizational abilities
are present. Learning to communicate on multiple
levels is not always a learned skill, but an instinctive
asset that many men grow to respect, fear and
admire in women.
The recent conferences Keystone Leadership
Conference of Boys and Girls Club of America
(over 800 girls approx.), Keepin It Real 3: For
Girls and Women (over 150 girls),
and the upcoming Blogging While Brown in
Jacksonville, Florida headed by Tiffany Duhart
(Managing Director/Marketing/Media of
BlinkVirtualBuzz ) are showing the growing
influences of women in business, science,
education and technology.

There are similar groups locally and nationally
that work to build girls to women;
In the local environment; Girls Inc., Girl Scouts,
YWCA, Project: Woman To Woman, Inc, local
TEAM UP programs in schools, The Bridge and
others. Women such as Melinda Henry
owner of DEEN Wellness Center, a nationally
recognized Fitness and Health Professional.
Teaching a certified and nationally recognized
Diabetes education program. Elexia Coleman-Moss,
Executive Director and Founder of Empowerment
Resources Inc., “Journey Into Womanhood” has
influenced girls to graduate
from high school and seek higher education degrees.
She models to her girls in the organization by her
community involvement as President of JCCI
Forward and involved in other community
initiatives. These organizations are
mostly not for profit, but have a mission and
vision to empower girls and women of diverse
ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The
responsibility is to teach girls,
young women, teens and in the case of
Project: Women to Women for older women
18 and up, to become leaders and positive
role models in their schools, communities
and places of worship.

The Future Is Now
Increasing opportunities in STEM
(Science Technology Engineering Math)
are waiting for women to be involved and take the
lead in research/development in areas of aerospace,
cancer research, deep sea exploration, biomedical
research, space exploration, robotics, environmental
sciences and new careers that have not been developed
yet. Technology empowers women to accomplish
future historical feats that will influence the world.
These careers are allowing women to gain higher
salaries, professional rewards in education
(PhD. Degrees) and positions of leadership in
government and international business.

Bill Gates has commented about
growing involvement of girls and women in technology
world-wide. His comment in Saudi Arabia about women
being half the work force there that, “…if you’re not fully
utilizing half the talent in the country (women), you’re
not going to get too close to the top,” the
top being leaders in futuristic fields that are saturated
with STEM.

The United States should take notice of the talents
and gifts in girls and women if they are to be competitive
in the global economy.
Daddies little girl (if there is a father present) are
building robots, making scientific
discoveries, building futuristic cars,
performing surgery over the Internet, curing diseases,
remotely flying space craft to far off worlds, exploring
deep oceans, are making the world and soon the
universe take notice of their presence.

Celebrations for Women’s History Month goes beyond
just a single month, but growing weekly by the achievements
and accomplishments of women.
Cheryl Williams a single mother raised three boys, a
Registered Nurse for 25 years, business owner
(Sister2SisterCatering of Jacksonville, Florida),
mentor and involved in her church comments that,”
this new generation of women will have the opportunity
to solve many global issues; medicine, health care,
energy, environmental concerns, just to name a few.
Given this the missing ingredient is a better
knowledge of STEM and strong reading ability.
These gifts and talents provide the power to solve
challenges in our world.

Technology will continue to change this world
we live in. So women you are the force behind
the force…
So may the force be with us as women and
as a force of nature.”

Girl and Women Power is Awesome and Growing.


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