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February 6, 2011

New Mayor – New Sheriff – New Town

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A Change Is Coming In Mayor, Sheriff and other Offices

Offices to be filled:
Supervisor of Elections, Property Appraiser, Tax Collector,
City of Jacksonville: City Council Districts:
1 – 14 & At Large Groups 1 – 5.

The upcoming candidate debates at Florida State College
Jacksonville is an educational and informational process
for voters, to help the public decide who or whom will be
in a leadership role for Jacksonville as Mayor, Sheriff,
City Council Members and other offices.
It is hoped the candidates be sure to embrace multicultural
and multiethnic groups of our city to provide a more inclusive
access to services and inclusiveness in the political process.

The current political status quo is soon to be transformed
from the current political realm to a more embracive
administration that understands the diverse needs and
progressive concerns of the citizens of Jacksonville.
In order for political success projecting that the new
candidates must understand the socioeconomic, educational
and diverse needs of all citizens of our Jacksonville community.
Not just the new administrations, but their support staff who
are equally engaged and should have the best interests for all
areas, not just the side they deem worthy.

A unifying spirit of leadership is needed to allow Jacksonville
to erase the perceived ideology of White privilege, White
monetary gains, and the exclusion of minorities in the
political process and those Whites of lower socioeconomic status.
This is the sentiment of many not just in the African
American community, but other minority communities
and Whites of lower economic status.

The economic perception of minorities in the exclusive nature
of working with people that look the same and have a similar
shade of lightness. Some ideologies of the current leadership
have successfully divided us as a people in the form of economic
haves and have not’s, entrepreneurial selectivity in our
neighborhoods and those that are politically connected and
too many that are disconnected.

Their voices are not heard or ignored because they are not loud
enough to warrant concern or caring.
Economic changes that were implanted from political actions
have caused distrust, disconcertment, and distaste
in our community infrastructure that has become more
divisive and destructive to the growth and welfare of  
citizens in Jacksonville, Florida.

There is a gospel song sung by Tramaine Hawkins,
 “Changed” that describes a change in a person, the person
is not what they use to be, and not where they want to be,
but working to get there. There will be a Change(d)
administration in our political future that will
manage our beloved City of Jacksonville, Florida.
The environment is about to transform and residents of Jacksonville
must be receptive and in accord in this impending
transformation. Jacksonville is not where is should
be, and not what it use to be, but must continue to
work to be where it can be as a economic influence
in North Florida and even influencing South Georgia.

Pastor Timothy Cole, Sr. of West Friendship Baptist Church has
 ministered; it is becoming harder to tell who is or who
isn’t on the correct path of service to our community. All the
candidates should be on the path of economic prosperity
for all citizens, educational equality and
empowerment for Jacksonville to compete in global
commerce and fair distribution of services for everyone
no matter the zip code or physical address.

Educating, Encouraging and Empowering citizens to “forge roads
to success, not settling for anything less than our collective best”.
“E3 Motto” is where and how we should be striving to.
Our road to economic growth and prosperity needs leadership
that allows everyone to walk in equality, unity and
accountability to the benefits of the whole community.

The citizens of Jacksonville are invited to evaluate the qualified
candidates, their political doctrines, leadership abilities, strengths
and weaknesses in auditory communication and interaction with
the community on a personal level not just political posturing.
What is the candidate’s agenda for the economic and cultural
prosperity of Jacksonville? We need to hear this up close and in

The voting public should not be swayed by promises, predictions,
and pledges.  We as a community should look at our
candidate’s affiliations, associations, accomplices and
allowances who is managing and endorsing their candidacies.

Review  the candidate’s political records, community
partnerships, civic affiliations, educational levels,
and church /spiritual involvement that will direct
their mind set and priorities in the Mayoral Office,
Sheriff’s Office, City Council Office and other positions
of City government.

These are the mantles of leadership here in Jacksonville; the
strength of our community resides in the decisions of our leaders
and their ability to lead a city.  All cultures here in Jacksonville
have similar needs and desires for their families,
in business, education, transportation, employment
and safety.
We are not too different when it comes to putting
food on the table, having productive schools that can
educate our children, professionally trained and
compassionate law enforcement and city services
that are equal city wide.

Our next City leader’s must embrace and work with
the diversity of our community. In order for Jacksonville
to be considered a 21st century metropolitan community all must have representation at the political, economic and educational table.

The upcoming races will have a direct impact on our growth for the
next four (4) years and potentially beyond. We must hold those that are running this political gauntlet accountable now for their words and actions before they can dictate our political future for the citizens of Jacksonville, Florida. The citizens must come out and learn about the candidates and not rely on sound bites, kissing of babies, visiting churches to get their names called and never to return, impersonal handshakes and fleeting campaign promises.

Citizens must be educated with knowledge not feel good speeches.

The views of this Blog are the opinions of Mr. William Jackson
and are not representative of the League of Women Voters or
any other sponsor of the upcoming debates listed below.

League of Women Voters –
Thursday, February 17, 2011 – 5:30pm
Kent Campus – Florida State College Jacksonville
3939 Roosevelt Blvd – Jacksonville, FL 32210
Large Auditorium F-128
City Council Candidate Forum
A forum for Candidates for City Council Districts 7,11, 12, 14
and At Large Groups 1, 2, 4, and 5.
Candidates Orientation begins at 5:30.
The forum starts promptly at 6:00.
The event is sponsored by:
City of Jacksonville Housing and Neighborhoods Department’s
Urban Core CPAC Planning District 1,
Southwest CPAC Planning District 4,
Northwest CPAC Planning District 5,
the League of Women Voters Jacksonville First Coast
the American Association of University Women,
E-3 Business Group North Florida Chapter.


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