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August 30, 2010

The Value of Education Starts with Mothers

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The Value of Education Starts with Mothers
Another school year is upon us, mothers should be determined to show their children, especially daughters that they support their educational development and advancement. Girls need moralsupport from their mothers and fathers (if available) to excel academically as school curriculums are increasingly challenging. FCAT assessment is not a true assessment of academic growth and increasingly girls are facing challenges that should be addressed in school and at home. These actions are becoming distractions to learning and positive actions and choices at school.
The push is on for more students to graduate from high school and attend college as academic requirements rise, but additional classroom help is unavailable to rally round those that are already struggling. servations from schools especially in the elementary environment where I’m located show that more young girls in fifth and sixth grades are satisfied with not working to their potential and settling for a future working in menial jobs, having multiple children, and involved in multiple relationships with men or other women. These are the realities that many teachers see in our
schools and increasingly even in the elementary environment.

 Foundations of Love Between Mom and Daughter
Daughters naturally love their mothers, love that is shared is a model that can blossom into healthy and stable interaction at home and in school. This relationship promotes academic success, a relationship with daughters is built on trust and communication (verbal and nonverbal), a trust that mom will be available to provide support and build self confidence and self respect. If the father is not present then as for millions of mothers they provide the necessary support that a father would. Mothers are aware of the impact they have on their daughter’s future emotional, psychological and relational development. There should
be honest truth about expectations for what they should be doing to provide for their daughters. History judge’s mothers by the behavior of their daughters, and what their choices are in life in relationships, career choices, and educational accomplishments.

Choices and Actions
Many girls choose someone like their father for a potential mate,
what kind of man a girl will be involved in is dependant on their
parental role models. Mothers must understand that they are
their daughters’ role model for life choices. As a teacher I have heard young girls in first and second grade talk about doing the things their mothers do at home, in the clubs and dealing
with men that are boyfriends, lovers, husbands, and even booty calls. What values and morals do mothers bring to their homes when men are in and out of the lives of girls? Young girls seeing their mother, auntie, even grandmothers participating in multiple relationships will follow behind these actions. It is not my job as an educator to pass judgment, ridicule, look down on mothers but mothers must realize that their young daughters will imitate and talk about their home lives at school.
Pointing out the realities of young girls and teens that are in our
classrooms and the behaviors some exhibit. Experts agree that a girl’s future relationships with men are often shaped by both her relationship with her father and her father’s relationships with the mother. How the mother established relationships with other men and the mportance or stability in a relationship. In broad-brush terms, girls who see their mothers behaving in certain ways will repeat behaviors, attitudes and actions at home and in school.

 Closer Hearts for Moms and Daughters
Mothers create an opportunity of connection when they spend positive and productive time together with their daughters. Opportunities such as going to the park, to get ice cream, going to the beach, going to church, going for walks to talk. There will be times when your daughter is older she will reflect and retake these journeys that you share together that remind her of you and your wisdom. I can attest to these because that is what my sister misses from our mother since she passed away. The Bible gives us the key to raising our children in Proverbs 22:6. 
“Train a child in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not turn from it”. Mothers teach your daughters now that she deserves respect, teach her now to be confident, teach her now to be independent and self reliant. Prepare her now for important life decisions. The key to success is the respect and value that they place on education and building from it.

 A Daughters Educational Needs
The thinking or cognitive process for boys and girls is different in
the classroom and in life. Moms instruct your daughters that they are smart, intelligent and creative, they are in fact unique and have their own special gifts. Girls should understand that success is not always making big sums of money, driving fancy cars or wearing expensive clothes. 
Achievement means obtaining a good education to provide for self and using education as the key to self growth and reliability on personal skills that are not dependent on others. The Bible says in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” Guard your daughters away from negativity, ignorance and guided them to knowledge and understanding. Malcolm X stated in the past as it applies to the 21st century, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. “Daughters must be prepared for the boardrooms, courtrooms, classrooms, conference rooms, presidential
rooms, mayoral rooms, senatorial rooms and surgical rooms. Bob Wise, President of the Alliance for Excellent Education, “The best economic stimulus package is a diploma”. As can be seen on many higher educational campuses women outnumber men. Because of this more doors in business, technology, politics, science, engineering and medicine are opening up.

Principles of Biblical Power
Don’t wait until disaster or death to teach your daughter about the
power of prayer, praise, worship and attending church, synagogue, mosque, or chapel. There should be a foundation of spirituality and a time devoted to worship and prayer. Modeling means attendance to church not just for the sake of show or entertaining, but for the development and stability for peace of mind and spirit. Practicing religious discipline and attendance goes beyond hair styles, dress size, manicure and pedicure, shoes and hats. Worship is not trying to impress the pastors or priests or them to get your attention. The worship service is on a spiritual level not physical. Mothers should encourage and model reading biblical scripture to your daughters to show the importance of biblical order in ones life and applying those to relationships. Reading biblical scripture at an early age develops early communication skills, cognitive processing and strengthening values, morals and spirituality.

Girls and Healthy Living
A parents teaching are responsible for their child’s sexual
behavior, this is why modeling and education are important.
Duval County has consistently been in the double digits for
AIDS related deaths from 2004 to 2008. In relation to Sexually
Transmitted Disease Duval County is consistent since 2006 (824)
to 2008 (976) cases and increasing. Reports of new HIV cases
have grown from 2006 (208) to 2008 (264). Infant mortality which has been addressed by E3 Business Group, Inc from past forums emphasizes that the data be made aware, because any infant death is too many and in most cases preventable. Mothers must teach their girls if there is a pregnancy it is important to have neonatal care as soon as possible to cease any behaviors that are dangerous  to the unborn child and the expectant mother. From 2006 (12.7) to 2008 (13.9) the reports of infant mortality are overwhelming.
Young teen girls are having sex as early as 11 years old and the
ages fluctuate between 12 and 13 for girls engaging in direct
intercourse or oral sex.
Information from JCCI

 Mothers Need Help Too
Mothers are not without available resources to help with their
daughters. As a teacher prevention and proactively addressing
issues, being prepared is better than being taken unaware of failing
grades, unplanned pregnancy, low self esteem or other challenges that girls will face in their lives. The presence of community organizations help to redirect, refocus and educate young ladies. Empowering lifestyles which help in making relevant decisions in education, community involvement, relationships and career choices.  The wrong choices can have life long dire consequences, and the correct choices can help with a life filled with success and achievement. These are just some of the organizations,
but there are many more available that have benefits to girls here in Jacksonville, Florida:

Boys and Girls Clubs of America – provide both educational and
developmental activities that spark awareness to self confidence,
self respect and direction in careers and educational aspirations.
For more info call Phone: (904) 396-4435 or

First Coast Girls Initiative – To build the capacity of individuals and organizations to serve girls more effectively and efficiently through
gender responsive education and advocacy.
For more info call 904 514-1610 or

Girls Incorporated – dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. With roots dating to 1864, Girls Inc has provided vital educational programs to millions of American girls, particularly those in high-risk, underserved areas.
For more info call (904) 731-9933 or

Elexia Moss – Empowerment Resources and the Journey Into Womanhood Program. To make children and families stronger and empower them to be successful leaders in the community today, for a better tomorrow. This grassroots organization provides positive life skills and resources that foster leadership development and self-sufficiency.
For more info call 904-268-8287 or

The National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) Center for Girls and Young Women – focuses on advocacy, research, assessment services, staff training and evaluation to address juvenile justice and child welfare systems that are designed for boys and ill-equipped to meet the gender-specific needs
of girls and young women.
For more info call 904.598.0901 or

There are many challenges and distractions for young ladies. Mothers must be diligent to keep the lines of communication open between themselves and their children. Daughters require a close relationship with their parents.
Traditionally girls are more vulnerable in many ways than boys, and are in need of more guidance and to be taught to rely on their cognitive gifts not physical attributes. Girls are inundated with television and magazine ads about “how” they are supposed to look, feel, act, interact with others, and seek to be older, but many girls are not emotionally ready to accept this behavior, thus displayed in the classroom. A mother is to show their grls that she is great just the way she is.  Mothers help your daughters make this school year better than the last year and not to rely just on
one test to show how successful she is.

You may be raising the next President, Senator, Supreme Court Justice, Doctor, Civil Rights Leader or Corporate Executive.

 William Jackson and Cheryl Williams


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